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True story - in "jail" for drinking diet coke?
 An American Tale click
For the science and scripture behind do-it-yourself (DIY) naturopathic medicine read the Power of Trust articles below in order1-2-3. It's very important that all American churches help their congregations get this right. 

 Something wonderful - kindness to babies
A baby has one chance at a good start in life.  We all have just one chance at a healthy old age. Before downloading the "baby book" read down this page for the big picture on how wholeness of body, mind, and spirit work.   
To make a healthy baby you need a healthy mom and dad. Healthy moms and dads need healthy food. Moms and dads also need a medical system that understands the value of colostrum and mother's milk and doesn't mess up a life the day born with toxins injected before an immune system develops. Moms and dads also need an institution to teach how this all works based on scripture and science not connected to money. Big business and big government cannot be trusted. Why shouldn't churches help? 
The joy of infancy is the closest thing to heaven we can know in this world. Heaven needs men of God willing to step up and help America's little ones get a good start in  life. Sapienti sat. 
National Library of Medicine
Use link below to search the National Library of Medicine for millions of studies that document the power of biomolecules made by God to "treat, mitigate, cure, and prevent disease". Search under "lemon and cancer" or "apples and cancer" or "frankencense and cancer" or the three herbs Jesus said were valuable enough to be used to "tithe" in Matthew 23:23 - dill, mint, and cumin. Search for just about any food or herb "and cancer". You can spend a few lifetimes reading it all.  
Fact check: Has any biolmolecule made by God ever been approved by the FDA to "treat, mitigate, cure, prevent disease"?  Take five seconds to read a letter from the FDA using the link below. If you don't have time, the answer is no. 
 For body and brain
The articles below provide more details on things right and wrong related to Christian wholeness. Download, make copies, share freely. As God's ways of truth and life go up, pain and suffering go down.
 Honor modern medicine for what it is good at;
Honor God for what He is good at - life. 
 If you eat bread read this 
 If you have a sweet tooth read this
 If you have a prostate gland read this
  For the soul read this
Today 1 in 40 American children are autistic and 54% diagnosed with a chronic disease. If you care about little ones read - 

A Gospel of Kindness to little ones
download, copy, distribute freely

"A little child shall lead them". Isaiah 11:6
"Well done" Rev. Randy F. Mequon, Wisconsin
"Great job" Bill C. River Hills, Wisconsin
Big ones need healing too - how healing works
For details on a Nutrition-For-Life kit see homepage
 For the revelations of 1978 see the "Revelations " page.
"The Wholeness of Christ is tremendous"
Mike Dolack "good catholic" from Cadillac, Michigan
More articles published in Wisconsin Christian News
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"Any plant not planted by My Father will be pulled up by the roots". Matt15:13.