Following a business setback at age 40 in 1978 that wiped out 10 years of hard work my soul was asking God - what's going on here? I was led by the spirit of God to read and study the words of Jesus. This search for truth went on for several months. Finally one night I prayed to God to answer me just one question: are the words of Jesus really as important as He said they were?  The following morning I received an amazing dream from God in answer to my prayer. Jim LeBeau

My first dream 

I awoke with my hands high above my head. I just had the most wonderful dream. I was given a multiple choice problem to solve. At the top were the words MOTHER and BABY. Below were several choices that I was to choose from that would go with or complete those two words.

In my my mind...I searched for the right words to solve the problem. I did not find the answer. The answer was given to me. Suddenly like a bolt of lightning the answer was seared into my soul...MOTHER'S MILK. These were not my words. They were given to me.

I awoke with my hands stretched high above my head.I was in a state of ecstasy...bliss...a peace that far surpasses understanding...whatever you want to call it. After waking up I lay still for 10 or 15 minutes just enjoying the afterglow. I thought to myself...if heaven is like this, it's wonderful! During 1978 I had two other "revelation" dreams like this one. Before 1978 I never had one dream experience like this, nor any since, when I awoke with my hands stretched high above my head in the posture a healthy baby assumes after nursing from its mother, as any nursing mother can tell you

Pondering my dream - several days went by. The accountant for my business who shared an office happened "by coincidence" to give me a copy of his church bulletin. I glanced through it...still thinking about my dream.

Suddenly some words really grabbed my attention. My heart took a leap. It was a quote from 1 Peter 2:2...

"As newborn babies desire the sincere MILK OF THE WORD that you may grow thereby ".

It turned out that on the Sunday morning of my dream my accountant's pastor had preached a sermon on 1Peter 2:2. Of course God knew that before I did. I have been told that scriptural "confirmation" is important for these kinds of experiences to show that they really did come from God. The Holy Spirit doesn't leave you wondering.  Other parts of Peter's first letter explain the importance of "incorruptible seed" referring to the Word of Christ. 

Imagine how I felt to realize that the words of Jesus were as important to  my spiritual life as mother's milk is to a newborn baby! Seeing the benefits of breast feeding with two daughters of my own I understood on a personal level the importance of mother's milk, maternal/infant bonding, and all that goes with a healthy mother/infant relationship. It also made sense that a society that does not appreciate mother's milk would also not understand the power in the RED LETTERS in our Bibles, the word of Christ.
The good news is that we have a Lord Who cares about a lost sheep in pain, and not just me. His words, truth, and love are for all of us. The apostle Paul recognized this in Romans 10:17 and Colossians 3:16. 
Two more revelations
In 1978 I had two other "revelation" dreams like the one above.  One was about the importance of listening to God and lessons in nutrition, healing, and wholeness. The other was a vision of the living Christ "as a Child", but nothng like the children we know. He revealed Himself as a Child of wonder, delight, and power.
This happened the morning after a night of anguish and prayer over the feverish body of my baby girl and the opening of my heart with a love too deep to put in words. For more detail of this amazing vision read "A Gospel of Kindness to Little Ones" - click to read. This link is also on the "articles" page. 
That "baby girl" is now happily married and doing well. The following scripture may help explain the above experiences. 

"I will love them and reveal myself to them." John 14:21