pathway to wholeness
 "Brethren, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health". 3John:1:2  
"I will praise you Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows well." Psalm 139
This page describes a system of healing that lets your body
 become your teacher on a pathway to wholeness.  
 "40 doctors - no answers"  
Diane Hein wrote those words in a letter received on July 29, 1994. She learned about oxygen and enzyme connections to pH from my first  book published in 1992. She tested her saliva pH at home then wrote "40 doctors - no answers. One pH sample tells it all". 
It's important to keep key body systems such as pH in balance because they are upstream to everything else going on in the body. It's easy to miss imbalances of key body systems if you are not testing them at home. It's also important to know what to do when a key body system goes off balance. This is covered in detail in the Nutrition-For-Life kit described below.
The system is simple. First you learn about the systems. Then you test. Then you balance -1-2-3. The five key body systems you can test at home for little or no cost are pH, digestion, blood sugar, blood pressure. and body temperature or metabolism.  You likely already know some of the "numbers" for these systems, but do you know natural ways to balance them meaning no trips to the drugstore? 
To illustrate how important the balance of just one system can be here is a quote from a famous doctor on urine pH...
 "Disease occurs on an  alkaline urine pH background"  
D.C. Jarvis M.D. author Vermont Folk Medicine. 
After years of testing patients Dr. Jarvis found that urine pH correlates not only with serious disease but is also a pre-indicator - an advanced signal - of health problems. See Parts II and III of the Nutrition-For-Life manual (included in kit) for details on this and many other secrets to better control of health that few people and even few doctors understand.    
How do you stay healthy in old age?
In some parts of the world people grow old without getting sick. Wittingly or unwittingly they do the right things too keep body systems like pH and digestion and blood sugar in balance!  Disease begins when key systems go out of balance. The proof is in the testing and your energy level - how you feel. 
Here is a great secret for growing old without getting sick... 
Let your body be your teacher! 
“This is the most common sense approach to improving health that I have ever read. Keep up the good works”. G.W. Colorado  
 The 123 Perfect Health System has helped thousands worldwide since 1990. 
A few more little known secrets 
What do your blood pressure numbers tell you about the critical sodium/potassion balance? How does this affect cellular hydration, one of the most important details in all of body chemistry?  
Some doctors have compared the human body to a "wet cell battery" that needs water to keep its charge. Imagine your body's 43 trillion cells suffering from a lack of water. A cell low on water weakens then may gradually die as does a "wet cell" car battery. As it weakens it may turn malignant in a desperate effort to keep going. 
Whether it's urine pH, the blood pressure connection to the sodium-potassium balance, or cellular hydration, one critical factor can mean the difference between a healthy or miserable old age, a long life or a premature funeral.  
Let's face it. Feeling good and enjoying a body that works right is a big deal. Money in the bank may help you feel good, but money can't buy you health. Knowlege can.  
Your body's SYSTEMS are the masters. They service your 35 trillion cells that in turn serve you. It's up to you to keep your body systems in balance to keep cells fully charged with vim, vigor, and go!  It's easy to test key body systems at home. It's incredibly hard to test a cell.
If you understand all of this you have the master key to better control of your health - 
 “Nobody has taught me as much as you have. Imagine, from a little place called Thiensville Wisconsin. Love" -  Beth Borray  
  Keep it simple 1-2-3
1 – Identify a standard for “perfect” for five key body systems: pH; digestion; blood sugar; metabolism; blood pressure. The Nutrition-For-Life manual explains the systems and gives you a HEALTHY STANDARD to which you can compare your test results. 

2  Compare yourself to a healthy standard by self-tests at home that cost little or nothing.   

3 – Take action to move your numbers closer to perfect. 

123 you are on your way. You can do something.
You are not helpless.
More comments...
Medical doctor - "Your system enables patient to monitor everything him/herself. Great!"
Nutritionist from Colorado "I have seen remarkable results".
Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. clinical nutritionist, author, taught doctors - "Only one who has been there knows the amount of work that has gone into this project".
Joyce Heiser, Wisconsin "“I can hardly wait to see my doctor in June It's wonderful to feel more control over my health with the information you provide”.

Another doctor comments... “In my chiropractic training I studied some biochemistry,  however, this seems to take the mystery out of biochemistry. It’s really a lot of fun to balance myself and have that control over my life. Thanks”...Dr. C.H. Martinez, California 

 You can do something – you are not helpless.
90 day satisfaction guarantee  - 

Nutrition-For-Life kit

The 1-2-3 Perfect Health System 
This kit has too much powerful content to properly describe here which is why we ship with a satisfation guarantee. Take 90 days  to study the kit with all contents listed below. If not delighted return for full refund less shipping costs.
Kit contents 
Nutrition-For-Life manual
Part I - The Foundation: What about health does  mainstream have backwards? Explain difference between human and divine technology - real vs. commercial "science" - importance of understanding biochemical individuality - the power of constants in nature - which body system to balance first? Concept of "metabolic efficiency" - why your disease may be your best friend - secrets to a long life - too much to list here.
Part II - What You Need To Know: the "great secret" that makes better health simple - remember the threes - the pH or acid-alkaline balance and connection to weight control - why digestion is key to nutrition working rightand the pH connection - blood sugar and longevity connection -  metabolism and body temperature as the solution to disease - avoiding HYPER and HYPO conditions - blood pressure connection to hydration and how that works with three key minerals - the stress connection - cuting the incurables.
Part III - What You NeedTo Do: rules of the road - urine-saliva pH, first of five systems to test and balance - how to test, how to balance; alkalizing options - special section on urine pH as "first yardstick of health" - good news and bad news - what is danger zone for urine pH? double trouble?
Digestion #2 of five systems to balance - the F.E.C.A.L. test - puppy dog test - top down ways to balance digestion -
Blood sugar #3 - a true story - sugar basics - what is healthy? how to test - major factors to balance - supplemental tips -
Metabolism #4 - major factors - most important test - correlating symptoms with testing - turning on and off the thyroid - food and drink connections - hormones - pituitary, iodine, manganese - "rare earth" elements - supplements
Blood Pressure #5 - big picture - testing - new standard - keys to balance - 15 additional considerations.
Special section - Beyond the Systems: epigenetics -  victim or master? whose fingers on your keys? detoxification - howintense? four bases to cover - how to make a fever? break a fever? why important? concept of metabolic amplitude - psychomatic or somato-psychic? how to have a great day - making health taste good with "nuts and bolts" - recipes - original green drink - power of a whole grain - but is it working?
Part IV - God's Plan for Making a Healthy Baby - everybody should read this even if not making babies - cancer connection to old age - sacred relationships.
Part V - Sources, Cheat sheet, Charts, References - Index 
"Cheat sheet" of five key systems - quick reference guide;  
Daily pH and blood sugar charts - your real education begins when you learn cause and effect by correlating 1 - how you feel 2 - your test numbers 3 - what you are eating and drinking. This is how you learn cause and effect. This is how your body becomes your teacher on a pathway to wholeness.
Additional items 

Six essential reports 
Power of the lemon - it saved the British navy. If you search under lemon juice, seeds, pulp, peel in National Librarary of Medicine ([ you should find over 10,000 studies documenting the power of the lemon - 4 pages priceless.
Living Ecology report - did you know the biogenome of bacteria in the human gut is 100x more complex than that of the human body? Gut issues are connected to everything including immunity and brain issues - 6 pages priceless. 
Real Food report - what missing fractions and co-factors in a whole grain can explain just about every "incurable" disease and health issue? How can you identify real food?  10 pages priceless.
MSM report - it's in rain water and in mother's milk and in every apple picked FRESH off a tree - but why is almost everyone deficient in this critical elements? Fastinating reading can be the key to your most troublesome health problems - 10 pages priceless
Essential sugard report - why are they "essential?? What is the simplest way to get all of them in a daily diet and routine? 6 pages priceless. 
The Jensen report - describes how a 85 year old doctor with prostate cancer mestastasized to the bone healed himself - 4 pages priceless.  
Additional reports too important to leave out
Old age begins in the colon - compliments the information on balancing digestion in the manual with illustrations and a list of 22 of the deadliest poisons produced by "bad buy" microbes in a toxic human gut - 4 pages priceless.  
Vitamins and minerals - details deficiency symtpoms of 17 vitamins and 12 key minerals along with food sources and therapeutic applications - 4 pages priceless.
Mineral antagonisms (shows how minerals relate to each other and the danger of single mineral supplements) only one page but also priceless. 
Original green drink recipe - used and taught by naturopathic doctors for 70+ years - one page but also priceless.
Power of a whole grain - carefully read this one page co-authored with Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. and you may find the key to almost every ailment humans have suffered from since the invention of the grain mill some 500 years ago. PRICELESS!    
But is it working? How can you use principles of "applied kinesiology" in energy medicine to test what you are doing against your body's innate wisdom to see if it's working for you or not?  Why is your own body the "highest scientific authority" for this? What do your smiles, posture, and light in your eyes reveal about your general level of energy and wellness? This ONE PAGE if understood is easily worth the price of the entire Nutrition-For-Life kit.

Top 10 killer household chemials - everybody should read this before cancer strikes. 
Sweet poison -  3 pages that may explain what's making you sick.
Rosy cheeks at 91 - fascinating true story of 91 year old woman who looked like "death warmed over" at 8:00 am but had rosy cheeks that same day by 6:00 pm. This four page report tells the exciting tale with specific details on what her son did to turn her around in 10 hours, sources included. Read this and you will never think the same about simple things like lemon and water ever again.
Alkaline broth recipe - miracle healing power of vegetable juices used by naturopathic doctors for 80+ years - priceless.
Nutrition-For-Life kit
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About the author:
Nutrition-For-Life kits are a 30 year collaborative effot by myself with guidance from  Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. I graduated from the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in Sarasota Florida 1980 as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner.  I am a veteran of the US Navy and served on a nuclear submarine that went “under the ice” to the north pole in 1962. In my younger years up to age 45, I suffered from life threatening health problems including irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, digestive issues, blackouts (postural hypotention) and viral infections. With God's help, and what I learned from many wise doctors, I learned to heal myself.
In 1980 I purchased four books on nutrition written for doctors by one of the top clinical nutritionists of the last century, Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. I studied Dr.Peshek’s books for ten years before beginning to write my own books. In 1988 I met Dr. Peshek which began a 16 year long distance business and personal relationship. In 1990 I founded The Perfect Health Foundation to teach Christian wholeness and to publish my books and two co-authored with Dr. Peshek: Healing Diets 1996 - The Cancer Report 2003.
Today at 86 not everything is perfect, but I walk, run, and bike without pain. Blood pressure is in the 120/80 range, pulse 60, oxygen 95-100, urine and saliva pH numbers near perfect.