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 "Brethren, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health". 3John:1:2  
 "I will praise you Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 
Marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows well." Psalm 139
 Heard many times "I prayed and God led me to your site".
Don't be surprised at the mess we are in - mass killings, teenage & adult suicidal and homicidal behavior, increasing rates of sick and maladjusted at all ages, pandemics, addictions - all connected to America's food, nutritional, lifestyle, and truth mistakes that begin in infancy with few connecting the dots, 
Few are connectng the dots because not one major institution in America is standing up and speaking up loud and clear to respect systems of life as God has created them - give God credit for doing some things right such as how to make healthy babies, produce healthy food, and heal sick systems and sick people!   
Without a foundation of respect those motivated by money can get away with anything including destroying the earth - and they are including the re-engoneering of life forms (GMO) - the ultimate insult to the Creator of life.  
The only institution with power to heal at the foundational level is church, catholic and protestant. If churches won't do truth and respect right, who will? We know that God cares "The nations raged, but your anger has come...for destroying those who destroy the earth" (Rev 11:18).
For more detail on the big picture see the "articles" page of this website.  
On a personal level you can help by learning to "heal thyself" following the example of Jesus (1-2-3 Perfect Health System) - and helping others do the same. Be whole - help to make whole. 
"With God all things are possible".  
 "40 doctors - no answers"
 Diane Hein went from doctor to doctor as did a lady with an "issue of blood" in Luke. Diane learned about the oxygen connection to pH (acid-akaline balance) from one of my books. She tested herself then wrote "40 doctors - no answers. One pH sample tells it all". 
I received her unsolicited letter July 29, 1994. 
 Missing basics 
It is easy to miss balances of key body systems if you are not testing the five key systems at home. One system easy to test is pH of saliva and urine, both related to blood pH and oxygen levels. For Diane a simple litmus test of saliva pointed to an answer she desperately needed.
As for urine pH, read this quote of a famous doctor...
  "Disease occurs on an 
alkaline urine pH background" 
D.C. Jarvis M.D. author of Vermont Folk Medicine
Who would think an alkaline urine pH revealed by a five cent litmus test is a common factor to most health problems? Who would think that urine pH correlates not only with serious disease but is also a pre-indicator - an advanced signal - of health problems? 
After years of testing patients Dr. Jarvis found the above to be consistently true. Thousands of doctors who do urine/saliva pH testing agree.  
Acidity or pH is only one of five key body systems you can test at home for little or no cost to enjoy the good health God wants for you.  In some parts of the world people grow old without getting sick. How do they do it?
Answer: Wittingly or unwittingly they keep body chemistry and systems like pH and digestion in balance!  Disease begins when key systems that include body temperature, blood sugar, and blood pressure go out of balance. 
If your diet or program isn't working it's because it is NOT balancing these key body systems...period. The proof is in the pudding - the testing - your energy level - how you feel. 
More secrets  
You probably know your blood pressure, but do you know what your blood pressure tell you about your sodium-potassium balance and cellular hydration? Imagine 43 trillion cells (the approximate number in your body) suffering from a lack of water. 
Some compare the human body to a "wet cell battery". It needs water to keep its charge. A body cell low on water first weakens, then may die, as does any "wet cell" car battery. Such a cell may become malignant in a desperate effort to stay alive. Big deal or no big deal?
For most people cancer is a big deal. If your brain cells die too fast and you start forgetting things on the way to Alzheimers - that too is a big deal. It's also a big deal if you slow down and feel and look tired, sick, and old before your time.   
Some answers
Your body's SYSTEMS are the masters. They service your 43 trillion cells that in turn serve you and them. It's up to you to keep your body systems in balance to keep cells fully charged with vim, vigor, and go! The cells are 43 trillion tiny "batteries". You're in charge.
It's easy to test key body systems at home. It's incredibly hard to test a cell. If you understand this, you have the master key to better control of your health. 
Shame on any system of health or healing that ignores these simple things.
 “This is the most common sense approach to improving health that I have ever read. Keep up the good works”. G.W. Colorado 
Perhaps you are beginning to understand the importance of simple but little appreciated concepts such as those you have just read and others you will find in the 123 Perfect Health System Guide - the "owner's manual" for your body.   
Imagine a simple systems approach to balancing body chemistry based on testing at home that costs little or nothing and helps you improve the balances of oxygen/pH, digestion, blood pressure, cell hydration, metabolism, and more! 
This system has helped thousands since 1990. It's the system I have been using for 40+ years and still use at 83 to feel great and run every morning. I have many unsolicited letters on file with comments like this.
“Nobody has taught me as much as you have. Imagine, from a little place called Thiensville Wisconsin. Love Beth"  
What if you could let your body be your teacher day to day as you try this or that diet, supplement, wellness program, or therapy? Can you think of a better teacher to take you from Point A – where you are now; to point B – where you want to be?  No college degree needed.
  Keep it simple 123
1 – Identify a standard for “perfect” for five key body systems: pH; digestion; blood sugar; metabolism; blood pressure. The 123 Perfect Health System Guide does that for you.

2  Compare yourself to this healthy standard by self-tests at home that cost little or nothing.   

3 – Take action to move your numbers closer to perfect. 

123 you are on your way
You can do something – you are not helpless.
 90 day satisfaction guarantee. 

 Medical Doctor Hawaii - "Your system enables patient to monitor everything him/herself. Great!." 

More comments, originals on file...nutritionist "I have seen remarkable results".
Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. clinical nutritionist, author, taught doctors - "Only one who has been there knows the amount of work that has gone into this project".
Joyce Heiser, Wisconsin "“I can hardly wait to see my doctor in June It's wonderful to feel more control over my health with the information you provide”.

Another doctor comments... “In my chiropractic training I studied some biochemistry,  however, this seems to take the mystery out of biochemistry. It’s really a lot of fun to balance myself and have that control over my life. Thanks”...Dr. C.H. Martinez, California 

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Two bonus reports included 
at no additional cost
100 Natural Cancer Remedies - 32 pages of remedies people have used to beat cancer. This fascinating report opens the door to the "shotgun" approach to healing using multiple approaches to attack a problem from different directions. The Spiritual Side of Cancer is covered in part IV of the 123 Perfect Health System·  It includes details on a sychoanalyst who treated "terminal" cancer patients for nine years without losing one as reported by the publisher of his book "The Causes and Prevention of Cancer".
25+ Natural Viral Remedies - together with the 123 system  you may never have to worry about a virus ever again. The key is a healthy immune system that depends on five key body systems as the foundation when you apply additional remedies - an orchestra with many parts.
 You can do something – you are not helpless.
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About the author
Jm LeBeau attended Michigan State University in E. Lansing Michigan and graduated from the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in Sarasota Florida 1980 as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. He is a veteran of the US Navy submarine service and was on one of two nuclear subs that went “under the ice” to the north pole in 1962, America’s answer to Russia’s space program.
Since 1978, with the help of God,  Jim has been healing himself of life threatening health problems including irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, digestive issues, blackouts (postural hypotention) and viral infections.  Today at 82 he can still run and BP is 114/73. pulse 50-60, oxygen 95-100, urine and saliva pH numbers near perfect.
In 1980 Jim purchased four books on nutrition written for doctors by one of the top clinical nutritionists of the last century, Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. He studied Dr.Peshek’s books passionately for ten years before to write his own books. In 1988 he met Dr. Peshek which began a 16 year long distance business and personal relationship. In 1990 he founded The Perfect Health Foundation, publisher of his manuals and books co-authored with Dr. Peshek: Healing Diets 1996 - The Cancer Report 2003.
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