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"Brethren, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health". 3John:1:2  
"Be perfect (whole, complete, merciful) even as your heavenly father is perfect" - Jesus
"I will praise you Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. 
Marvelous are your works, and that my soul knows well." Psalm 139
  "40 doctors - no answers
  and one pH sample tells it all"
(originals of all quotes on file in Cedarburg Wisconsin)  
Regardless of how many years you spend studying health it is still easy to miss simple ways to get better control of your health. For example...
  "Disease occurs on an 
alkaline urine pH background" 
D.C. Jarvis M.D. 
Who would think something as simple as an alkaline urine revealed by a five cent litmus test of pH not only correlates with serious disease but is also a pre-indicator of health problems on the way? After years of testing the urine pH of patients Dr. Jarvis found this to be consistently true as  reported in his classic Vermont Folk Medicine.
Thousands of doctors of integrative and naturopathic medicine who do urine and saiva pH testing would agree, but it isn't enough to know that an alkaline urine pH is a key signal of how your body is doing. The question is - what do you do about it?
An even better question - what is the ONE BEST WAY to acidify an alkaline urine? Why?
Perhaps you are beginning to realize the importance of answers to simple questions - answers you will find in the 123 Perfect Health System Guide. Think of this Guide as the "owner's manual" for the wonderful body God put in your care. 
Simple questions with simple answers go on and on. 
For example, what does your blood pressure tell you about your sodium-potassium balance and cellular hydration? How important is this question?
Imagine 43 trillion cells (the approximate number in your body that somebody actually did calculate) all suffering from a lack of water - thirsty and crying for a drink and who is listening? A body cell low on water starts to weaken, then may die, as does a "wet cell" car battery. Big deal or no big deal? 
It's a big deal if you are 20 miles out of town on a country road - have to walk home - temperature 20 below zero. It's a big deal if some of those weak cells mutate and multiply malignantly. Stranded on a country road or a cancer diagnosis - big deals if it's you or someone you love. 
Simple questions with simple answers found in the 123 Perfect Health System Guide - far too many to list here. 
Imagine a simple systems approach to balancing your body chemistry based on testing that you do at home that costs little or nothing! The system helps you get oxygen/pH, digestion, blood pressure, cellular hydration, and much more right. 
“This is the most common sense approach to improving health that I have ever read. Keep up the good works”. G.W. Colorado
What if you could let your body be your teacher day to day as you try this or that diet, supplement, wellness program, or therapy? Can you think of a better teacher to take you from Point A – where you are now with your health to; Point B – where you want to be? 
No college degree needed. 
  Keep it simple 123
1 – Identify a standard for “perfect” for five key body systems: pH; digestion; blood sugar; metabolism; blood pressure. The 123 Perfect Health System Guide does that for you.

2  Compare yourself to a healthy standard by self-tests at home that cost little or nothing. A "cheat sheet" puts it all on one page.  

3 – Take action to move your numbers closer to perfect. 

 123 you are on your way
You can do something – you are not helpless.
Of course there are no guarantees and you still need a doctor for emergencies and necessary medications - but maybe not so often.That's the idea.
click to see what others including doctors have said about this system.    
Then return here and read down to understand how to get better control of health using the powers of creation  (mother nature) to balance key systems in your body.
The 123 Perfect Health System Guide consists of 106 content rich pages in 8 ½ x 11 format that puts you in charge. The special section on urine pH in Part II is worth 100x the cost of this Guide by itself. 


 123 you're healthy. Maybe that will be you! 
Medical Doctor Hawaii
"Your system enables patient to monitor 
everything him/herself. Great!." 

Heard many times - “I prayed and God led me to your site”.

Two bonus reports included no extra charge 
100 Natural Cancer Remedies and
25+ Natural Virus Remedies  
 BUY NOW or keep reading down. 
The 123 Perfect Health System Guide has five parts 

Part I – The Foundation 
covers what everyone should understand about
natural healing 
but many do not 

Why is the concept of "biochemical individuality" so important to understand if you want to experience true healing? What is tje 123 Perfect Health System and how does it relate to our uniqueness in genes and biochemistry? What are constants? Give some examples. Why are constants so important in healing? What are some basic problem with delegating control of health to others? How do you balance personal with professional responsibility? What are some blessings of customized healing? Why is understanding priorities in body function so important in choosing options? How can your disease be your best friend? Where do heaven and earth meet?

Beth Borray Arizona

“Nobody has taught me as much as you have. Imagine,
from a little place called Thiensville Wisconsin”.
(on file)

Part II – Understanding the five systems

Why did Arthur Guyton M.D. author of Medical Physiology call pH or acidity of body fluids “one of the most important aspects of homeostasis”? How does pH relate to oxygen, energy, digestion, and much more? How does pH connect with WEIGHT? Why should digestion and pH be balanced together? What study showed blood sugar key to longevity? How do you balance metabolism to avoid dangerous HYPER and HYPO situations? How does the balance of other body systems relate to metabolism - weight? Why is the sodium-potassium balance called the “life-death ratio”? What does your blood pressure tell you about a possible serious imbalance in sodium and potassium? How does this affect hydration of cells upon which life depends? SPECIAL SECTION ON URINE pH EXPLAINS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO ACIDITY AN ALKALINE URINE AND WHY.. 

Part III – Balancing the five systems

How do you test all five body systems? Why does testing come first? What is healthy, normal, or "perfect" for each system? How do you balance all five systems with specific foods, herbs, lifestyle changes etc? What makes digestion unique? Blood sugar? Body temperature? Blood pressure? What specific foods, food groups, herbs, and supplements work to balance each system? Far too much powerful detail to list here.

Nutritionist "I have seen remarkable results".


Part IV – Before and beyond the systems

Before – about cancer "hasn't lost a patient in nine years" publisher reported. how did a psychoanalyst treat “terminal” cancer patients for nine years without losing one and without using natural remedies or chemo, surgery, radiation? How can emotional experiences of infancy cause cancer later in life? If past 60 what can you do to heal deep buried hurts? How can you help children and grandchildren and theirs too, yours and those of others? So important!!!

Beyond – what is “epigenetics”? Are we victims or masters of our genes” Whose fingers are on your genes activating or suppressing them? Why is this a life and death matter? Why is putting all four channels of elimination in the body a life and death matter? “But is it working”? a page with “life energy” tests. Original green drink recipe;

Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. clinical nutritionist, author, taught doctors - "Only one who has been there knows the amount of work that has gone into this project".

 Part V - “cheat sheet”, charts, references 

The “cheat sheet” puts it all on one page – body systems; ideal numbers; major factors; place to record your numbers. DAILY pH CHART and blood sugar chart to copy and keep track of testing and changes to correlate cause and effect. Sources; References

Joyce Heiser, Wisconsin "“I can hardly wait to see my doctor in June It's wonderful to feel more control over my health with the information you provide”.

Another doctor comments... “In my chiropractic training I studied some biochemistry,  however, this seems to take the mystery out of biochemistry. It’s really a lot of fun to balance myself and have that control over my life. Thanks”...Dr. C.H. Martinez, California 

The 123 Perfect Health System 
Two bonus reports included
at no additional cost
100 Natural Cancer Remedies - 32 pages of remedies people have used to beat cancer. This fascinating report opens the door to the "shotgun" approach to healing using multiple approaches to attack a problem from different directions. The Spiritual Side of Cancer is covered in part IV of the 123 Perfect Health System·  It includes details on a sychoanalyst who treated "terminal" cancer patients for nine years without losing one as reported by the publisher of his book "The Causes and Prevention of Cancer".
25+ Natural Viral Remedies - together with the 123 system  you may never have to worry about a virus ever again. The key is a healthy immune system that depends on five key body systems as the foundation when you apply additional remedies - an orchestra with many parts.
It's interesting that the same immune powers that work for a virus also work to wipe out a cancer cell.
 You can do something – you are not helpless.
About the author
Jm LeBeau attended Michigan State University in E. Lansing Michigan and graduated from the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in Sarasota Florida 1980 as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. He is a veteran of the US Navy submarine service and was on one of two nuclear subs that went “under the ice” to the north pole in 1962, America’s answer to Russia’s space program.
Since 1978, with the help of God,  Jim has been healing himself of life threatening health problems including irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, digestive issues, blackouts (postural hypotention) and viral infections.  Today at 82 he can still run and BP is 114/73. pulse 50-60, oxygen 95-100, urine and saliva pH numbers near perfect.
In 1980 Jim purchased four books on nutrition written for doctors by one of the top clinical nutritionists of the last century, Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. He studied Dr.Peshek’s books passionately for ten years before to write his own books. In 1988 he met Dr. Peshek which began a 16 year long distance business and personal relationship. In 1990 he founded The Perfect Health Foundation, publisher of his manuals and books co-authored with Dr. Peshek: Healing Diets 1996 - The Cancer Report 2003.
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