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 "40 doctors - no answers" -  Diane Hein wrote those words in a letter to me after going from doctor to doctor. Diane learned about the oxygen connection to pH from one of my books. She tested her saliva pH at home then wrote "40 doctors - no answers. One pH sample tells it all".
I received Diane's unsolicited letter July 29, 1994. 
It's easy to miss balances of key body systems if you are not testing them at home. One key body system out of balance may mean everything you do for health can be a waste of time, especially if it's a system related to oxygen like pH. 
Acid-alkaline level or pH is tested by exposing low cost litmus paper to saliva and urine. It's that simple. The tests don't mean anything however unless you understand how they relate to body chemistry. Both tests are related to blood pH and blood oxygen - why we breathe. It's that important. 
For Diane a simple litmus paper test of saliva pH pointed to an answer apparently missed by many doctors. 
Both urine and saliva pH are important, but for different reasons. Whereas too acid saliva correlates with too acid blood (a real problem), urine pH tells a different story. Here is a quote from a famous doctor and author on urine pH...
  "Disease occurs on an 
alkaline urine pH background" 
D.C. Jarvis M.D. author of Vermont Folk Medicine
Who would think an alkaline urine pH revealed by a five cent litmus test is a common factor to most health problems?
After years of testing patients Dr. Jarvis found that urine pH correlates not only with serious disease but is also a pre-indicator - an advanced signal - of health problems?
Holistic and naturopathic doctors who do urine/saliva pH testing would agree.  
 Can you stay healthy in old age?
In some parts of the world people grow old without getting sick. How do they do it? 
Wittingly or unwittingly they do the right things too keep body chemistry and systems like pH and digestion in balance!  
Disease begins when key systems go out of balance. The proof is in the pudding - the testing - your energy level - how you feel. 
Here is a great secret for growing old without getting sick... 
Let your body be your teacher!  
Here is how it works.
First - you do simple home tests at home of key body systems such as pH, digestion, blood pressure, 
Second - you compare your test results with the numbers that healthy people enjoy that also agree with doctors who do this type of testing. You need a HEALTHY STANDARD to compare yourself to for answers to questions like - 
  • What is a healthy or perfect saliva pH number? Urine? 
  • What do your stools tell you about the health of your digestion - the F.E.C.A.L test? 
  • What does your blood pressure tell you about the sodium-potassium balance and celular hydration?  .  
Third - you apply simple basic principles of nutrition, food, and lifestyle to move your numbers closer to perfect. 
1-2-3 - read this again please. 
This system is called - 
The 123 Perfect Health System 
It depends on understanding a few things not just about pH but also about other key body systems.
For example, how important is it to know what your blood pressure numbers reveal about your sodium-potassium balance and cellular hydration? 
Some doctors have compared the human body to a "wet cell battery". A wet cell battery, like the lead acid batteries we use to start our cars, needs water to keep its charge - its electricity. So does the human body.
A wet cell car battery needs the right pH or "acidity" so electricity travels at the right speed. So does the human body.
Imagine 70 trillion cells suffering from a lack of water and you don't know it. A body cell low on water weakens, then may gradually die, as does any "wet cell" car battery. Such a cell may turn malignant in a desperate effort to stay alive.
Your blood pressure numbers, like pH numbers, can give you key signals that your doctor may never have explained to you. 
Big deal or no big deal? For most people cancer is a big deal.
If your brain cells die too fast and you start forgetting things on the way to Alzheimers - that can be a big deal too. 
It's also a big deal if you slow down and feel and look tired, sick, and old before your time.  Let's face it. Feeling good is a big deal.
Maybe money in the bank helps you feel good, but what good is your money if you lose your health? 
Some answers
Your body's SYSTEMS are the masters. They service your 43 trillion cells that in turn serve you and them. 
It's up to you to keep your body systems in balance to keep cells fully charged with vim, vigor, and go! The cells are 43 trillion tiny "batteries". You're in charge.
It's easy to test key body systems at home. It's incredibly hard to test a cell. If you understand this, you have the master key to better control of your health. 
 “This is the most common sense approach to improving health that I have ever read. Keep up the good works”. G.W. Colorado 
Perhaps you are beginning to understand the importance of simple but little appreciated concepts such as those you have just read and others you will find in the 123 Perfect Health System Guide - the "owner's manual" for your body.   
Imagine a simple systems approach to balancing body chemistry based on testing at home that costs little or nothing and helps you improve the balances of oxygen/pH, digestion, blood pressure, cell hydration, metabolism, and more! 
This system has helped thousands since 1990. It's the system I have been using for 40+ years and still use at 83 to feel great and kee[ running without pain. I have many unsolicited letters on file with comments like this.
“Nobody has taught me as much as you have. Imagine, from a little place called Thiensville Wisconsin. Love Beth"  
What if you could let your body be your teacher day to day as you try this or that diet, supplement, wellness program, or therapy? Can you think of a better teacher to take you from Point A – where you are now; to point B – where you want to be?  No college degree needed.
  Keep it simple 123
1 – Identify a standard for “perfect” for five key body systems: pH; digestion; blood sugar; metabolism; blood pressure. The 123 Perfect Health System Guide  does that for you.

2  Compare yourself to this healthy standard by self-tests at home that cost little or nothing.   

3 – Take action to move your numbers closer to perfect. 

123 you are on your way
You can do something – you are not helpless.
 90 day satisfaction guarantee. 

Medical doctor Hawaii - "Your system enables patient to monitor everything him/herself. Great!".

Nutritionist from Colorado "I have seen remarkable results".
Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. clinical nutritionist, author, taught doctors - "Only one who has been there knows the amount of work that has gone into this project".
Joyce Heiser, Wisconsin "“I can hardly wait to see my doctor in June It's wonderful to feel more control over my health with the information you provide”.

Another doctor comments... “In my chiropractic training I studied some biochemistry,  however, this seems to take the mystery out of biochemistry. It’s really a lot of fun to balance myself and have that control over my life. Thanks”...Dr. C.H. Martinez, California 

 You can do something – you are not helpless.
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90 day satisfaction guarantee

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123 Perfect Health System Kit
Take three months to study the 113 page Guide with content rich detail on testing and balancing five key body systems. If you're not happy return for a full refund. 
Included in the Kit are: 
- The Guide  113 pages of content rich detail on testing and  balancing five key body systems: pH; digestion; blood sugar; body temperature/metabolism; blood pressure - plus special sections on cancer, genetics, four channels of elimination, how to make and break a fever and why you should know this - too much to list here. 
- "Cheat sheet" of the five key systems as a quick reference Guide - this one page worth 10x cost of the kit;
- Daily pH charts - your real education begins when you learn cause and effect by correlating 1 - how you feel or symptoms with 2 - your test numbers and both of them with 3 - what you are eating and drinking. This is how your body becomes your teacher on a pathway to wholeness. Think of the power this gives you.
- free 30 minute phone consultation after you have used the Guide for 30 days and completed 3 days of Daily pH Charts  (more details included in Kit) value $60.00 but worth a million. Once you have begun your testing you will appreciate the value of talking to someone who has "been there - done that". There may also be an opportunity to help others and be paid for it. 
total value of the above = $99.00 
The 1-2-3 Perfect Health System Kit includes all of the above in hard copy shipped priority mail USPS with 90 day satisfction guarantee - limited time offer $39.00 plus $9.00 shipping and handling. 
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About the author
Jm LeBeau attended Michigan State University in E. Lansing Michigan and graduated from the Sarasota School of Natural Healing Arts in Sarasota Florida 1980 as a Certified Natural Health Practitioner. He is a veteran of the US Navy submarine service and was on one of two nuclear subs that went “under the ice” to the north pole in 1962, America’s answer to Russia’s space program.
Since 1978, with the help of God,  Jim has been healing himself of life threatening health problems including irregular heartbeat, panic attacks, digestive issues, blackouts (postural hypotention) and viral infections.  Today at 82 he can still run and BP is 114/73. pulse 50-60, oxygen 95-100, urine and saliva pH numbers near perfect.
In 1980 Jim purchased four books on nutrition written for doctors by one of the top clinical nutritionists of the last century, Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. He studied Dr.Peshek’s books passionately for ten years before to write his own books. In 1988 he met Dr. Peshek which began a 16 year long distance business and personal relationship. In 1990 he founded The Perfect Health Foundation, publisher of his manuals and books co-authored with Dr. Peshek: Healing Diets 1996 - The Cancer Report 2003.
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