Comment from a physcan: "In my chiropractic training I studied some biochemistry, however, this seems to take the mystery out of biochemistry. It's really a lot of fun to balance myself and have that control over my life. Thanks". Dr. C.H. Martinez, California. J.H. Wisconsin

 Wellness System Kit
includes the 123 Perfect Health System 
and everything below on this page.  

Nutrition-For-Life - pathway to wholenes

Comment from a body owner - “As I told you on the phone, understanding pH as explained your books has been the single greatest factor in re-establishing my health. Thank you so much for all you have done to help me and my family and countless others”. Cary Lofquist, Wisconsin

20 Years In The Making

Created by James LeBeau with Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. 

The Master Wellness System Kit is to help you get better control of your health on a test yourself basis. It has been created over a period of 20 years and used by thousands since 1990 including many health professionals. Study this page carefully and you will realize that the information in this kit is essential to the mastery of health. Any healing system that targets specific symptoms will work better if you have a healthy foundation in place.

May God bless your efforts to master your health and to help others.

The Master Wellness System Kit

The Master Wellness System
Body Owner's Manual

Introduction - The Wonders of Mastery - six pages that may change the length, breadth, depth, and height of your thoughts forever.

Quick Reference Guide to Five Master Body Systems - we make it easy for you by putting it all on one page - this page is a major key to a test and balance approach to go from point A (where you are now) to point B (where you want to be) with your health.

How to Put Your Body in a “Healing Mode” - 4 pages that may be worth the cost of this entire Kit

Body Systems Balancing - The Big Picture - understanding the research of Harold Hawkins D.D.S. and the “avalanche” effect with respect to how a body systems balance transfers to cellular balance and wellness.

Major systems to test and balance

CHAPTER ONE - BALANCE YOUR pH - explains in simple language what you need to know, how to test yourself at home, and what you need to do to immediately begin balancing your body pH - explains science and art of pH balancing - biochemical basics - why pH is the “background for the chemistry of life” and called “the most important aspect of homeostasis” by the doctor who wrote MEDICAL PHYSIOLOGY? key things to know - how do your foods and supplements balance or UN-balance your urine and saliva pH? Why should you always test both urine and saliva pH? How does each value relate to your body systems and major organs? How do diet and supplements and water affect the numbers? What is a healthy CYCLE PATTERN for both urine and saliva pH to compare your own test results to? What is a DAILY PH CHART and why is it so important to record test results, time of day, and symptoms so you can correlate your nutritional and lifestyle choices to your pH numbers and how you feel? How pH relates to stubborn pounds? To bad belly fat that can lead to heart problems? TOO MUCH MORE TO LIST HERE!

CHAPTER TWO - BALANCE YOUR DIGESTION - explains in simple language what you need to know, how to test yourself at home, and what you need to do to balance the major controlling factors in digestion. How does pH relate to digestive efficiency? How do both pH and digestion relate to ANS balance? Why is “disease building somewhere in the body” when digestion is out of balance? How do you test yourself for transit time? What does stool color tell you? Floating or sinking? Stool odor? How do you balance bile? Why is bile balance so important? What TEN STEPS can you take to help balance your digestion? What’s the right way to balance transit time? What is “Mayr therapy”? How does it work to flatten your stomach and improve quality of stools? Where did it originate? What are two simple liver flushes that can be done on a daily or weekly basis? What three types of digestive support supplements are most important?

CHAPTER THREE - BALANCE YOUR BLOOD SUGAR - explains in simple language what you need to know, how to test yourself, and what you need to do to balance your blood sugar using natural methods. What three things do healthy nonagenarians and centenarians have in common? Why do people have HYPO and HYPER swings? How to avoid them? What is the PERFECT STANDARD for blood glucose? HYPO symptoms? HYPER symptoms? What saved a man told by his doctor to have a black and blue leg cut off or he would die? What is the “metabolic type” connection? Mineral connections? Food principles? What are some major supplement connections and controls? 

CHAPTER FOUR - BALANCE YOUR BODY TEMPERATURE AND YOUR METABOLISM - explains in simple language what you need to know, how to test yourself, and what you need to do to balance your metabolism at home using natural methods. Why do some doctors consider this the solution to “THE RIDDLE OF DISEASE”? What about HYPER/HYPO swings? The “metabolic rate” concept? Cancer connection? pH connection? Stress connection? Are you a carnivore or veggie type - how to tell? What multi-factors influence body temperature? How to test? Pulse rate test? Early AM test? Fingertip test? Symptom test? HOW TO BALANCE - morning turn on and turn off of thyroid hormone? Digestion connection? Phosphorous dangers and confusion? Fatty acid balances? Hormonal balances? Cruciferous caution? Make a fever - Break a fever?

CHAPTER FIVE - BALANCE YOUR BLOOD PRESSURE- explains in simple language what you need to know and do to balance your blood pressure using natural methods. What is the big picture on blood pressure that most people and even many doctors do not understand? What two minerals are a major key to a healthy blood pressure? What is postural hypotension? What is the “basic plan” for natural blood pressure control? What is the sugar connection? Fatty acid balance? Supplements and herbs to help? Why does a natural approach to blood pressure control have so many GOOD side effects?

Manual Contents continued - important Supplemental Issues

Your Water and Your Health - what kind of water to drink?

How do you UN-stress your life? Use the Stress Sensor Card? Key part magnesium plays?

The Detoxification Issue - how do you activate the four channels of elimination? Why do it?

Balance Your Liver to Live Longer - dangers of liver toxicity and fatty liver - how to relieve liver of stress?

Balance Your Fatty Acids and Lignan Levels for Hormonal and Eicosanoid Balance - why these are key hormonal balances important to cover in any program of health and wellness? Major common diet imbalances?

Start Your Engines Right Every Day of Your Life - the amazing power in just the idea of getting your day started right - how to do it and why to do it?

Stretching the Height and Depth of Your Metabolic Amplitude - new concept to help you build depth and strength in your health so you are not blown over by every little wind of a problem - what is importance of anabolic/catabolic cycle? What are some major secrets to building depth and power in your health program? 

Additional Reports included in Kit

YOUR WATER AND YOUR HEALTH - Why should you definitely be concerned about more than just how “clean” your drinking water is? How can your drinking water affect the “softening” of the body with added fat tissue as well as the “hardening” of the body associated with gray hair and the miseries of old age? Why is the mineral balance of your drinking water so important and how can you fix it? What is “localized” dehydration and how does that relate to aches and pains in the body? Is there any science behind this? How can drinking water affect the “rouleau” effect or blood platelet clumping that is a precursor to blood clots, cells crying for oxygen, and cell mutations? What simple thing can you do to improve the mineral balances in drinking water? The pH balance? ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential)? Conductivity? Surface tension? Explain two major ways to improve the quality of “structuring” or “clusters” of the water molecules in your drinking water. What is meant by the “key that fits the lock” as it relates to the hexagonal pattern of water clusters? This may well be the most fascinating report you have ever read or will ever read on the subject of YOUR WATER AND YOUR HEALTH  - SOURCES + REFERENCES - 20 pages

THE POWER OF THE LEMON REPORT- saved the British Navy - fascinating whole lemon recipe - 4 pages 

THE LIVING ECOLOGY REPORT- what are SBOs? Why are they so important? Why are they missing in our foods? What fifty or more ways do they work to keep us healthy and whole? 6 pages

THE REAL FOOD REPORT...What is “real food”?  What’s wrong with a “natural” vitamin E pill? What are six specific “fractions” of the vitamin E complex that you will not find in a “natural vitamin E pill? 12 pages

THE JENSEN REPORT...a fascinating true story of an 85 year old doctor with “terminal” prostate cancer and “six months to live”. He saved himself with the help of two foods God made and other natural healing methods. At age 90 he was teachings others how to follow his example. Four pages

ESSENTIAL SUGARS REPORT...tells you what “essential sugars” are all about and where to get them in natural foods and drinks. You may not need the supplements. - fascinating 6 page report - 6 pages

THE MSM REPORT..."the vitamin people missed it” they say about this form of biological sulfur that is the fourth most abundant element in the human body. It’s in rainwater. It’s in mother’s milk. It’s in every FRESH food...and that’s the problem. Fascinating information. Twelve pages

Important additional and accessory Items 

  • Green drink recipe - see below for more details 
  • Blood sugar correlation charts - also very important same as above
  • DAILY pH CHARTS to keep record of urine/saliva pH tests to correlate with what you are eating and drinking and doing and your symptoms - priceless.                                     
             Additional reports included at no additional cost
  • MINERAL ANTAGONISMS - only one page but priceless
  • VITAMINS AND MINERALS -  food sources; body parts affected; deficiency symptoms; therapeutic applications;         

Value of all items if purchased separately approximately $125.00

Master Wellness System Kit $79.00 plus $5.00 S&H

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on all Kits (hard copy) 
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The Green Drink Recipe 
is included in all kits

The “green drank” idea all started with Dr. H.E. Kirshner's LIVE FOOD JUICES and Maxwell Gerson M.D. in the 1940’s with his`green juice cancer therapy. Since then there have been many variations. The following quote describing the experience of actress Ingeborg Loff with Dr. Kirschner’s original green drink was taken from the magazine The Body Beautiful.  

    "I was getting a marvelous complexion. My hair was glowing and was turning lighter with golden tints to it. I wanted to run and shout for the sheer joy of living. My fingernails, my eyebrows, and lashes were growing and developing a gloss. The fat lumps about my hips had disappeared. I lost 25 pounds and yet I had been eating oftener. I became fired with ambition. My mind and heart went out to new studies, new people, and I know I HAD NEVER REALLY LIVED BEFORE I HAD BEEN ANALYZED BY THIS DOCTOR”.                                     

That’s what the iridologist told me after I had been on the “green drink” for about two months. He saw white “healing lines” radiating like spokes of light out through the iris of my eyes. He recognized that a deep healing process was taking place in my body. My nutritional program was working. I could feel it working.