Brethren, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health". 3John:1:2  
"Be perfect (whole, complete, merciful) even as your heavenly father is perfect" - Jesus
"I will praise you Lord, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Marvelous are your works, that my soul knows well" Psalm. 139:14 
Nutritionist: - "I have seen remarkable results".
Heard many times - "I prayed and God led me to your site".
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Salvation that works on both earth and heaven
 "Fake truth" steals - truth heals 
For the story of the three revelations in 1978 that started this 
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 Personal Healing
Salvation by faith and respect for the body "temple" 
 The creative (Christ) Self
This is to read with joy and share if you want to help others enjoy a good life and show kindness to babies and old people while honoring "heal the sick". What does the gospel have to do with body chemistry and the joyful experience of life? Should churches be teaching this? Two pages with power to change many lives - free to download, print out, share - use link at bottom.  
100 and Still Dancing
Since 1990 thousands have learned the joy of self-directed God-powered healing using powers and gifts of the natural world. Many have expressed deep thanks for the opportunity to learn body systems balancing for better control of health. The key systems are pH; digestion; blood sugar; body temperature; blood pressure. Free download below. (For more details also see Body and Soul page).
It’s wonderful to feel more control over my health with the information you provide”. Joyce Heiser, Wisconsin
100 Natural Cancer Remedies report
God has given us hundreds of ways to beat cancer used by thousands worldwide. Read about them in these 34 pages. Free download below.
Man with no arms and no legs
Journal of American Medical Association reported 50% of Americans either diabetic or pre-diabebetic. Important true story of consequences of not using God given powers to balance blood sugar - free download below.
88 year old man's prostate cancer healing story 
Metastasized to bone  - read his story with specific detail on foods, supplements etc. so Xray showed "NO biological problems - NO pain now" - free download below.
 Healing America 
Salvation by faith and respect for America 
 A simple Way to Put God Back in America - Part 1
Only one page but powerful enough to change the world. 
A simple Way to Put God Back in America - Part 2 
This document may be shocking to those whose only source of news is the paper or TV set. You might be outraged but no need to feel frustrated because now you can do something about the sad and sick news that bombards us daily. Free download below.
  God's Plan for Making a Healthy Baby
These 20 pages go into detail on why unkindness to babies is unkindness to all. Kids shooting kids in schools, random mass killings by the mentally disturbed - what's at the root of this insanity? Don't count on "experts" for answers - many problems are caused by them. Look to infancy and early childhood where seeds of autism, ADHD, develop-mental disorders, cancer, anger, confusion, addictions, violence, and a 100 more disasters are planted early only to bear bitter "fruits" later. "Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes"? Matthew 7:16  Free download below.
"Well done" Rev. Randy F. Mequon, WI    "Great job" Bill C. River Hills, WI
Following Jesus
 Salvation by faith and respect for the words of Jesus
Three Questions  
Does God have a plan for the wholeness of human life? If He does, how does it work? What are we to do about it? Free download below.
The Wholeness of Christ
A groundbreaking document to arm you with factual and scriptural truth so you won't be misled by deceptions in the media. This goes into much more detail on plants that need pulling out by the roots and seeds that need planting. Free download below.
"The Wholeness of Christ is tremendous"
Mike D. Registered nurse anesthetist Cadillac, Michigan
Nutrition-For-Life - pathway to wholeness
"A little child shall lead them". Isaiah11:6 
Medical Doctor: "Your system enables patient to monitor
everything him/herself. Great!."

Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. clinical nutritionist and author -  "Only one who has been there knows the amount of work that has gone into this project".    

My personal story...

AGE 3-12...endless colds, sore throats, holes in teeth, miserable childhood;

AGE 40 - doctors can't help - irregular heartbeat sometimes too slow and sometimes too fast and often skipping beats - adrenal exhaustion - blackouts - panic attacks - terrible stomach pains - chest pains - digestion a mess - can't sleep - low blood pressure & low thyroid - depressed - angry - questioning everything - tired - fear of disease - fear of dying - years of misery... saved only by God's food, God's truth, God's mercy, and God's medicine;

AGE 80 - healthy, strong heart, clear mind, few wrinkles, no drugs, good energy, blessed, thankful. We are made for mastery, not misery. Be well. Be whole.

             Jim LeBeau, founder The Perfect Health Foundation (non-profit)


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The Holiness of Healing
All healing power whether of the natural world (creation) or of the 
Spirit is of God. Since all healing power is of God it follows that 
all that heals is holy, and all that is holy, heals.
It is also true that "Any plant not planted by My Father 
will be pulled up by the roots". Matthew 15:13.