Brethren, I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health". 3John:1:2  
"Be perfect (whole, complete, merciful) even as your heavenly father is perfect" - Jesus
 Nutrition-For-Life - pathway to wholeness
 "I will praise you Lord for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Marvelous are your works, that my soul knows well"  Ps 139:14
Holiness of Healing
All healing power, whether of the natural world or of  
the Spirit, is of G0d - no exceptions. There are two sources -
1 - HEALING POWERS OF CREATION - mother's milk, fresh air, water, whole foods, sunshine, herbs, nutrition, body systems balancing, body chemistry, organic non-GMO farm systems, fasting etc., all things and systems made by God. 
The healing powers of creation are largely denied by mainstream medicine. In fact, due to the power of the drug lobby, the use of natural remedies (God's medicine) to treat and prevent disease is against the law in America. If you want to learn what an apple reveals about this power and how you can help fix this situation CLICK HERE 
2 - HEALING POWERS OF SPIRIT - forgiveness, prayer, faith, hope, love, patience, thankfulness, knowledge, word of God, wisdom, etc., whether by word or by inspiration also are all things of God. Almost everyone agrees on these powers. 
 Since all healing power is of God it follows that 
all that heals is holy, and all that is holy, heals. 
It also follows that we should think of natural organic food and farm systems as sacred life support systems given to us by God with love (Matt ch. 6). It also follows that if we don't wake up to the  powers of creation and responsibility for "temple" care (1 Cor 6:19) needless human suffering goes on and on. 
 Read down for a "systems" approach to heal body and soul - 
why healing must work on both root and personal levels. 
ROOT LEVEL HEALING works where toxicity messes things up for everything and everybody. Fixing a body here and there won't fix chemical farming, GMO, or a patent based medical system that leaves the healing powers of creation out of the loop. Healing at ground level where food grows and at birth level where life begins reaches every bird, butterfly, honey bee, everything, everybody. Root level is where God works and where a Healing gospel must work in churches to show mercy to every lamb and sheep of Jesus. Amen.   
"Any plant not planted by My Father will be 
pulled up by the roots".
Matthew 15:13.  
For those who want to heal or be healed 
The items described below are available for immediate download donation basis, any amount, links at bottom. Just $1.00 will get you some of the most powerful information you can find anywhere. 
Body and Soul repair Kit teaches how to let your body be your teacher for better control of health by self testing of key body systems at home - combined with healing powers of creation body chemistry is balanced. With systems and chemistry in balance everything works better. Read down for more detail. Since 1990 thousands in hard copy have been sold worldwide from $25.00 to $169.00. 
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100 Natural Cancer Remedies report - 32 pages of ways to prevent, treat, and cure cancer with testimonials, contact details etc.
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God's Plan for Making a Healthy Baby - 20 pages that can change the world - kids shooting kids in schools, random MASS KILLINGS by the mentally disturbed - what's at the root of this insanity? Don't count on "experts" for answers. Look to infancy and early childhood where seeds of autism, ADHD, develop-mental disorders, cancer, anger, confusion, addictions, violence, and a 100 more disasters are planted early in life only to bear bitter "fruits" later. "Do men gather grapes from thorn bushes?" Matt 7:16
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"A little child shall lead them". Isaiah11:6 
Nutrition-For-Life - pathway to wholeness
PASTORS - PRIESTS -  ELDERS - SERIOUS STUDENTS OF THE BIBLE - a theology of healing and wholeness is more honest to Jesus than a theology that lets the masses be led off a cliff. The world needs a gospel covering the bases of body, mind, spirit, mother's milk, creation healing power, wholeness.
The Wholeness of Christ document (included in downloads at bottom of this page) was written to arm you with factual and sciptural truth as a defense to deceptions in mainstream media beholden to money interests. It goes into much more detail on systems that need pulling out by the roots.  
"The Wholeness of Christ is tremendous"
Mike D. Registered nurse, anesthetist Cadillac, Michigan
For those serious about "temple care" 
Heard many times:  "I prayed and God led me to your site". 

"I have seen remarkable results". 

Medical Doctor: "Your system enables patient to monitor
everything him/herself. Great!."

Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. clinical nutritionist and author -  "Only one who has been there knows the amount of work that has gone into this project".   

Some of my personal story...

AGE 3-12...endless colds, sore throats, holes in teeth, miserable childhood;

AGE 40 - doctors can't help - irregular heartbeat sometimes too slow and sometimes too fast and often skipping beats - adrenal exhaustion - blackouts - panic attacks - terrible stomach pains - chest pains - digestion a mess - can't sleep - low blood pressure & low thyroid - depressed - angry - questioning everything - tired - fear of disease - fear of dying - years of misery... saved only by God's food, God's truth, God's mercy, and God's medicine;

AGE 80 - healthy, strong heart, clear mind, few wrinkles, no drugs, good energy, blessed, thankful. We are made for mastery, not misery. Be well. Be whole.

             Jim LeBeau, founder (non-profit)

From a seminar teacher in the use of live blood analysis...

"I use information from your material every time I teach a new class". 

  Perfect Health Made Simple 1-2-3 

Those of us who teach healing usually develop a "system". Our "system" is described briefly below and in more detail in the Body and Soul Repair  page. Here is what I call Perfect Health Made Simple 1-2-3.  Before you give up on your power to be whole in body and soul - 
ONE - IDENTIFY A HEALTHY STANDARD for the most important systems in your body that you can test at home for pennies a day and are upstream to everything else going on in your body. There are five such systems:
  1. pH or acid-alkaline balance of urine and saliva - the background for the chemistry of life. Your body has two lungs and two kidneys that work 24/7 to keep blood pH in perfect balance. If you want to know how important blood pH balance is stop breathing and stop drinking (not really but to make a point). Another clue is to test your saliva pH when you are having a bad day.  If you don't test you won't know what's going on.
  2. Digestion - the second key system that must be in balance for nutrition to have a chance to work right.
  3. Blood sugar - energy for cells - like pH related to everything going on in the body.
  4. Body temperature - reflects metabolic rate, energy production, weight control,  like pH related by enzyme action to everything going on in the body.
  5. Blood pressure - key system for heart/circulation wellness.

TWO -  TEST to see how your systems compare with  a healthy standard for all five systems. The tests are simple with little or no cost.  

THREE - BALANCE YOUR BODY using the powers of creation - fresh air, water, whole foods, food group balancing, sunshine, supplements, herbs, qualified fasting, lifestyle control etc. The more you practice, the better you get at it. The sooner you start, the better your chances of success.

ONE-TWO-THREE - balance your body and 100 trillion cells will shout for joy. You are giving them a healthy support system. You will feel the difference not just in your body but also in your mind and heart.

 The idea is to let your body be your teacher.  

Secrets on the path...

Letter on file: "I went to over 40 doctors with no answers and one pH sample tells it all.  Your books are a Godsend". D.H. Clearwater, Florida

Our bodies are organized in systems. The systems service the cells and the cells service the systems. In this grand symphony the SYSTEMS ARE THE MASTERS. 

 Master your body systems to master your health.

A major clinical discovery

A dental nutritionist in the 1940's by the name of Harold Hawkins D.D.S. discovered that when he used nutrition to balance the urine and saliva pH of his patients it tended to "normalize other factors not known". He found in clinical practice that by balancing a major system like pH there is a cascade or domino effect that reaches every system and cell in the body.

 A student comments..."I have been on the P.H.F. system for about 3's a new lifestyle and I am still working to get all the balances. My health is greatly improved; the information is excellent. Thank you". J.H.F. Flomaton, Alabama

Disease Connections 

Cancer and more - years ago Nobel prize winner Otto Warburg found that he could produce cancer in many different species of animals by injecting acid into their bodies which lowered their pH which lowered their oxygen levels. Note that the most common cancers are in body parts that have the poorest circulation and oxygen delivery - prostate, breast, colon, lungs covered with tobacco tar etc. How often do you hear about cancer of the heart? According to Mayo Clinic it is almost never.

All diseases have connections to the master body systems! 
Test - don't guess. 

Body balancing kits offer a TEST YOURSELF AT HOME approach to balancing the five master systems. You can visit every website and read every book and get a Ph.D. from every college but if you don't TEST YOUR BODY you still won't know what your body is trying to tell you.   

The Real Power

The real power in healing begins when you test your body and note the changes in the test results as you make changes in foods, supplements, lifestyle etc. You learn cause and effect. You stop going around in circles.-

Your body becomes your teacher!

You can get started for less than $30.00 (hard copy) 
details on Body and Soul page or donation basis for immediate access see below on this page.    

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God's Plan for Making a Healthy Baby
20 pages that can change the world.  
MASS MURDERS?  CANCER EPIDEMIC? It might take 100 years for the "experts" to connect the dots if we don't help them. Your donation will be used to teach and support God's plan for the wholeness of human life, especially as it applies to babies and children. .  
100 Natural Cancer Remedies report
32 pages to inform, research, inspire, heal 
Page after page of remedies, sources, phone numbers, websites, testimonials, index - priceless. Your donation of any amount will be used to teach and support God's plan for the wholeness of human life, especially as it applies to babies and children. 
Body and Soul Repair Kit  
Let  Your Body be Your Teacher 
46 pages of powerful healing detail on key body systems 
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