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For the body
 “NY doctor treats 699 cases of covid19 with 100% success” – headline of Mercola article that included the following link to an amazing video with Dr. Seheult on zinc, quercetin, ECGC, niacin, selenium
If you eat bread read this 
If you have a sweet tooth and a sugar problem read this
If you have a prostate gland read this
To understand the power of God's medicine read this  
100 Natural Cancer Remedies
 For the soul
Today 1 in 40 American children are autistic and 54% diagnosed with a chronic disease. Read what the living Christ thinks about kindness to little ones.

A Gospel of Kindness to little ones
download, copy, distribute freely

"A little child shall lead them". Isaiah 11:6
"Well done" Rev. Randy F. Mequon, Wisconsin
"Great job" Bill C. River Hills, Wisconsin
Big ones need healing too - how healing works
If you want to reduce America's "sickcare" costs read

Spiritual leaders should also study
By Dr. Joseph Mercola and Ronnie Cummings of Organic Consumers Association
For the revelations of 1978 see the "mother's milk" page.
"The Wholeness of Christ is tremendous"
Mike D Cadillac, Michigan
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The Holiness of Healing
All healing power whether of the natural world (creation) or of the
Spirit is of God. Since all healing power is of God it follows that
all that heals is holy, and all that is holy, heals.
"Any plant not planted by My Father will be pulled up by the roots". Matt15:13.
 Line to do search in National Libraryof Medicine
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Balance Your Digestion by James LeBeau - 124 pages - $35.00
Healing Diets by James LeBeau with Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. - 63 pages - $25.00
Master Wellness System (Body Owner's) Manual - 134 pages - $35.00