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For questions on Body Balancing Kits please read the KIT pages on this website carefully. If you still have further questions or questions about anything else use the following contact information. Our message is very simple. We need to stop trying to outsmart God in how we grow our food; how we feed our babies, children, and ourselves; and how we heal ourselves of our many diseases and aches and pains.

MAIL - The Perfect Health Foundation  P.O. Box 199  Cedarburg, WI 53012

PHONE: Call 262-377-2764. You should reach a live person. If you reach a voice message please speak slowly and clearly and leave your name and number and best time to return your call.

EMAIL: For questions on a kit put the word "Kit" in the subject box. For all other questions or comments put the word "Wholeness" in the subject box. Send to or

CANADA AND FOREIGN: There is an additional shipping charge on Kit orders that will vary depending on location. Please use PayPal order buttons on the bottom of the KIT page of your choice and place your order using PayPal. We will calculate the exact additional shipping cost and bill you by email through PayPal. This will delay your order just a little but you pay only the actual additional shipping charge only, nothing more.  

CONSULTATIONS: Call 262-377-2764. If you reach a message just leave your name and phone number with best time to return your call.