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Professional Kit
The Professional Kit includes  everything in the Master Wellness System Kit plus the following three manuals. This kit is intended for health professionals and astute laypersons who want a more comprehensive approach to all key areas of health and wellness. 
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220 page manual 8 1/2 x 11

CONTENTS (partial) - explains in detail the six “pH profiles”; how to test yourself to find your own profile; and how to balance the various profiles. This is a layman’s guide to pH balancing based on urine and saliva pH testing and the collective research of many nutritional doctors and nutritionists. From youth to old age and degeneration what are the pH PATTERNS reflected in urine/saliva pH that reflect a body’s weakening immune system and inability to resist the three main types of diseases...stress, communicable, and degenerative? What disease tendencies are associated with long term acid? alkaline? How are pH balances upset by diet and lifestyle and why is almost nobody aware of what they are doing to themselves? Why do medical doctors NOT teach pH balancing to patients? What is the problem in relying even on nutritionally trained doctors alone? Why is body pH out of control like a fire out of control? Why does pH balance tend to “normalize other factors not known”? Why is it impossible to keep minerals in balance in the body when pH is off? Why doesn’t it make any sense to take vitamins and not balance your pH? What is a “major deviation”? a “minor deviation”? What are ideal or PERFECT daily pH cycle patterns for urine and saliva pH based on physiology and clinical experience? What enzyme system is a specific control of pH balance, and what key MINERAL is the basis for this enzyme system? Why is almost everyone tested for minerals low in this key mineral? What does pH have to do with viral and bacterial infections? What is anabolism and catabolism, and how does pH relate to them? What are the three major steps to pH balancing? What are major CAUTIONS in pH balancing? What are the four major food groups and their effects on urine and saliva pH...and MUCH TOO MUCH MORE TO LIST HERE!

Steve Zorn in 1997 wrote - “Within the last six months I have purchased every book I could find on pH balancing (over 23) and I can honestly say that your books are THE best source I have found”.

124 page manual 8 1/2 x 11

CONTENTS (partial) - gives a top down approach to balancing what many doctors have called the “first line of defense against disease”. How does digestive balance affect fat soluble vitamins? Water soluble vitamins? “itis” diseases? Calcium metabolism? Thyroid function? Precancerous cells found in breast fluid? Cancer rates in general? Poisons produced in the gut that relate to cancer? Diabetes? Miseries of old age? Colds? Liver health? How does digestion affect cholesterol levels in the blood? Estrogen balance for both men and women? Sugar balance? Osteoporosis? What four phases of digestion can be tested and balanced at home? What European therapy produces light golden brown stools like a healthy baby’s? What seven disease processes relate to low stomach HCL? List 15 self-tests for digestion you can do at home including stomach HCL self-test; bile/liver self-test; pancreas self-test; transit time self-test; Candida self-test; parasite self-test; allergy self-test...and more. What are seventeen special aids and options to help with transit time and bacteria balancing? List six approaches to balance stomach HCL. List nine approaches to balance liver/bile. What three supplement options help to balance Candida and parasites? AND MUCH MORE!

From doctor who healed self of cancer..."Once again I am amazed at the thoroughness and the research you have brought together in accumulating the wealth of information in (the manual) BALANCE YOUR DIGESTION...Dr. Morris Keller.

63 page manual by James LeBeau with Robert J. Peshek D.D.S.

CONTENTS - PART 1 (partial) - explains four healing diets from more intense to least intense in healing power Read this part to learn some secrets behind “miracle” healing stories such as found in THE JENSEN REPORT and many others based on Healing Diets # 1 and # 2. In Healing Diet # 3 learn what food combination has brought in “thousands upon thousands of written testimonials”. In Healing Diet # 4 learn about Dr. Peshek’s “wholesome diet” and why it may be right for some people. PART II - teaches you how to test and let your body tell you what foods and supplements are right for your own unique “metabolic type”. There is no other way to “master your health”. It is either learn these things or stay in the dark...guessing.

Comment from nutritionist of 20 years  Louise Dwyer...”It (HEALING DIETS) is absolutely wonderful. I just devoured it. I am so grateful I was able to get my hands on such wonderful material. Love your work. Thank you for the information and for putting out such wonderful material

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