"40 doctors - no answers"

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most unsolicited - all on file - names modified in some instances
Keep in mind the 123 Perfect Health System covers FIVE key
 body systems as explained on home page, not just pH or acidity.

Marcia Braun of Brown Deer Wiscon

“Your course has given me the resources to help with terrible migraine

headaches. I tend to run acid when the headaches occur. Now I can eat the proper foods and conquer my headaches without the medication - I no longer take the estrogen my doctor prescribed after a hysterectomy. My body is producing enough so I don’t have the problems that occur when there is not enough. My body produces enough when I balance my pH and my digestion.
What a relief learning that I don’t have to wait until my health is life threatening to do something about it.

 Wayne Graham of Ukiah California (cancer story):

“I am trying to help you all because you saved my life – much stronger now. Thanks to your guidelines my strength is coming back. The doctor I went to was surprised that I was getting better”.

J. H. Thompson Flomaton Alabama:

“I have been on the PHF system for about 3 months I am still working to get all the balances. My health is greatly improved. My results thus far from testing etc., are fascinating and pleasing. The information is excellent.”.

 Ria Manera of Mountainair New Mexico:

“For more than 5 years I had been aware that my always acid saliva (below 5.0) and urine reads were underlying my mouth/intestinal loop problems, but could never find a nutritionist or dentist who would even concur, much less guide me in effecting change. And now, here you are! Thank you. Thank you. All blessings to you and your work”.


David Eubanks of Oroville California:

“In only two weeks I’ve found the correlation between periods of negative thinking-depression and what I eat. I was below 5.5 saliva (pH) when this would occur.

I’ve now gone two weeks with no prolonged depression. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. If nothing else were to heal, it’s enough.

Lynn of Fairfax Virginia:

“About a week ago I really got serious with God.

Next morning my first thought was to test my pH, something I had not done since 1995 when I got your books. Everything was ACID and my symptoms matched

After a trip to the health food store I started my balancing act. Going from depression and what felt like a head full of cotton to joy and complete mental clarity in minutes really opened my eyes – and I have continued to watch my mental, physical, and emotional state fluctuate with my pH readings.

Love and God bless you”.

Dr. Morris Keller of Mountain View Arkansas:

“I am a retired physician who healed himself of cancer of colon – devoted my life to teaching alternative healing ever since. I am very impressed with your research and dedication – simpler and easier to execute”.

Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. top clinical nutritionist of 20th century who did seminars and wrote books to teach other doctors how it works:

“Received Perfect Health Made Simple. The book is great. You have done one great job. It’s a joy for me to know such a person who can put everything together in the field. Congratulations on a job far better than well done”.

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Bonnie Monroe of Rochester Pennsylvania:
 “My reaction to Balance Your pH is to weep joyful tears of thanks to God. I asked Him to heal, to help, to give a vision of health I have never known. This manual is answered prayer!
I needed this help. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you”.
Registered nurse from Hinsdale New York:

“I am a registered nurse and have seen pH balanced chemically and seen people feel better. Then shortly after discharge they start getting sick again. I feel very excited about this”..

Dr. Earl Contoy, New Zealand:

“I feel that you have hit on the most important parameter in the healing equation”.

H.W. Krueger B.S. M.A. A.P.D. Gainsville Florida:

“I commend you on your scholarly work in the area of biochemical neglect, pH. May God continue to smile on your endeavors and strengthen our spiritual bonds”.

Mark Victor of Minneapolis Minnesota:

“Already have one Nutrition for Life kit. It’s working wonders. Ordering 2 more to spread the word.”

Dr. Garret Orthomoleculer Medicine and Nutrition Los Angeles California:

“I am so impressed. I feel Jesus led me to contact you”.

Jane Heimlich of Cincinnatti Ohio (husband invented “Heimlick maneuver”):

“So pleased to receive Perfect Health Made Simple. Looks like wonderful material and I like your friendly humorous style of writing”.

Teddy Spence D.D.S. Exmore VA:
“I am fascinated by your insights into health and nutrition”.

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John Morgan from California:

“Once this is out to the public it could have a very significant impact on America’s health for the better”.

Office of Pat Holiday M.D. (medical doctor) Huntsville, Alabama:

“It was very helpful and I’m sure it will help us very much in this practice”.

Emanuel Jefferson D.C. (chiropractic physician)

“You have made a complicated subject easy”.

Cary Lofquist from Wisconsin:

“I have always been meaning to write you to thank you for all the help you have been to me with my health. As I told you on the phone, understanding pH as explained in your books has been the single greatest factor in reestablishing my health. Thank you so much for all you have done to help me and my family and countless others. You are a godsend!.”

Lee Cassidy Potrero California:

“Wonderful! Thank you so much for this invaluable work. Once I started reading it I couldn’t put it down and read it through virtually non-stop. Praise the Lord for your divinely inspired approach to health and healing.”.

Ralph Holstrom of Minoqua Wisconsin:

“I have a copy of the spring 1997 Perfect Health News and found it to be some of the best information I have ever read”.