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 123 Perfect Health System Kit
includes the 123 Perfect Health System Guide 
Take three months to study the 106 page Gude with content rich detail on testing and balancing five key body systems. If you're not happy return for a full refund. Included in the Kit besides the Guide are: 
  • "Cheat sheet" of the five key systems - this one page alone is worth the cost of the kit;
  • Daily pH charts - Your real education begins when you correlate test numbers with diet and supplements and begin to learn cause and effect. 
The Guide includes specifics on home testing and balancing of five key body systems with special sections on epigenetics; make a fever, break a fever; psychologist who treated "terminal" cancer patients without losing one in nine years; daily pH and blood sugar charts; "cheat sheet" of the five key body systems; detoxification; sources; references - too much to list here. Plus you get the following special reports with no additional charge.  
  • 100 Natural Cancer Remedies 32 pages of fascinating natural food, herb, and other remedies people have used to beat cancer, some you may know about and others you may not.  
  • 25+ Natural Virus Remedies - 18 pages - many doctors are using natural remedies to beat corona and other viruses, strengthen the immune system, and give a body power to beat all disease. 
 The 1-2-3 Perfect Health System Kit plus two special reports in hard copy with 90 day satisfction guarantee - $39.00 plus $9.00 S&H. 
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