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 123 Perfect Health System Guide 
100 pages of content rich detail on testing and balancing five key body systems: pH; digestion; blood sugar; metabolism; blood pressure. Includes special section with fascinating details on urine pH - 
"disease occurs on an alkaline urine pH background" DC Jarvis M.D.;
and other special sectons on epigenetics; how to make a fever, break a fever; psychologist who treated "terminal" cancer patients and reportedly didn't lose one in nine years; daily pH and blood sugar charts; detoxification using four channels of elimination;  - index; sources; references. 
100 Natural Cancer Remedies 32 pages of fascinating natural food, herb, and other remedies people have used to beat cancer, some you may know about and others you may not. Although some contact details are out of date the remedies aren't, and the value of this report for research purposes will become obvious the minute you see it. All of these natural remedies have a better chance of working if the five key body systems covered in the 123 Perfect Health System Guide are somewhat in the ballpark.   
25+ Natural Virus Remedies - 18 pages - many doctors are using natural remedies to beat corona and other viruses, strengthen the immune system, and give a body power to beat all disease. For example, Thomas Levy M.D. has written a book on Curing the Incurables using a vitamin C protocol to be numerous "incuracle" viral infections. There are dozens, perhaps hundreds, of other tips and options for helping strengthen a body's immune system, all of which will work more effectively if the five key body systems covered in the 123 Perfect Health System Guide are somewhat in the ballpark. 
All three available in hard copy only
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