Nutrition for life - pathway to wholeness

I am the Good Shepherd" said the Lord. 

A "Good Shepherd" cares about both the spiritual
and physical welfare of a flock - especially His little ones. 

The healthy gospel idea is in Genesis 1:31; Job 38-40; all the Psalms but especially 104 and 139; Daniel chapter 1; Matthew chapter 6; 1John2; and much more. Churches that teach a healthy and wholesome gospel enjoy about half the sickness of those that do not as documented by the Blue Zones study of National Geographic and long term studies at UCLA and Loma Linda University.  
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 God's Plan for Making a Healthy Baby
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Jesus healed  the sick and told His followers to "heal the sick". He said "Follow Me". You are invited to follow in those beautiful footsteps by  downloading, reading, and sharing the above handouts.  
The human brain has yet to make one living thing, yet some presume to tell the living God how the chemistry of life works for feeding a baby, healing the sick, growing food, and for the blueprint of life (genetic tinker toying or GMO - a slap in the face to God).
Let truth work.
One major issue is GMO chemical based agriculture, a major source of toxicity of land, rivers, oceans, life, and malnutrition for people of all ages. Another major issue is lack of persons to learn, live, and teach a healthy gospel. We need more people to - 
Learn it - live it - teach it 
Nutrition-For-Life - pathway to wholeness
Our part is to learn how to use the healing power of creation and  the word of Christ. There is no higher calling than to learn, live, and teach this path. You can help by simply sharing copies of  the above documents available for free download from this page. Let truth work. 
Advanced study and service 
For those who want to do more for themselves and others here are details on a low cost "get started" Kit.
  Get started Natural Wellness Kit 
This Kit puts it all together for $24.95 plus $5.00 S&H. You will receive everything by mail to learn how healing works in more detail for yourself, for others, for your country, and for mother earthThey are all connected.
You begin as Jesus did with "thyself". You can't do what doctors do but you can do what Jesus did. You can teach wholeness, even the wholeness of Christ.
The Get Started Kit includes the following:  


* A Dream from God - it all began in 1978

* Quick Start Guide
* How to let your body be your teacher for mastery of health (16 page booklet 8 ½  x 11) - what is the “cascade” principle in body chemistry and systems? What five key body systems are essential to the mastery of health? How do you learn to test and balance pH; digestion; blood sugar; body temperature; blood pressure?
* Flyers to share 
* Small group discussion guide
* Sources and Resources to help you get healthy and stay healthy

* Arthritis, Bones, Joints, Aches and Pains: crippled at 67 but running strong pain free at 79 – how did he do it? Report details 12 strategies to eliminate pain from your body.

* God’s Way to Lower Blood Pressure That Nobody Knows And Your Doctor Probably Won’t Explain to You. What “life-death ratio” of two minerals controls blood pressure? How do you balance them?  Hypertension sneaks  up on you with age putting pressure on heart/blood vessels leading to “strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, kidney disease” (webMD).  Dangers of the “water pill” - side effects of blood pressure meds. The simple fix with medical references – priceless!

 * Acid Danger answers many questions:  Why does everyone become more acid with age? Are there scientific studies in the National Library of Medicine to confirm this? What can you do to raise saliva pH?  Why do some doctors consider the saliva pH test (costs pennies) the most important health test of all? Based on research by from Carl J. Reich, M.D. and many other doctors who worked with pH of urine and saliva. Dr. Reich spent 30 years studying SALIVA pH reactions of about "15,000 to 20,000 patients". Priceless!

*Alkaline Danger -   Why should urine pH always be  acid?  Why  does alkaline urine pH (above 7.0)  signal existing or coming health problems? In clinical practice Dr. D.C. Jarvis M.D. correlated alkaline urine in children and adults with colds, arthritis, asthma, hypertension, headaches, fatigue, chicken pox, measles, hay fever.  It is important to test both urine and saliva.

* Five Little Known Cancer Secrets – why is cancer of the heart so rare? The pH/oxygen connection explains this and what it means for both the prevention and cure of cancer. What biomolecule is reported to have the most power to prevent cancer? What is the major thing a cancer cell needs? What is the major thing a cancer cell needs to avoid? How might these little known concepts set the stage for a diet with cancer healing power?  Priceless!


* Wonders and Dangers of Wheat - what are the dangers of a diet that focuses primarily on just one part of the whole grain? What is “alloxan”?  What is the connection to diabetes? What are “phytates” and why are they important? Much more!


Are you eating the right foods? Are you taking the right supplements? Are you doing things right or wrong in terms of nutrition and lifestyle? Three simple “life energy” tests reveal if your program is working or not. Just one page but priceless!


* Wholeness of Christ (16 pages 8 ½ x 11) - Many think that chemicals from a drugstore are the only options for healing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Learn why here. Topics include: sanctity of the mother-infant relationship; difference between natural and artificial chemistry (drugs); primer on epigenetics; "key that fits lock" principle at cell membrane level with natural biomolecules; epidemiology - the foundation upon which to build your house of health - priceless!

* God's Plan for Making a Healthy Baby (40 pages) -  who would think that the seeds of cancer and sick minds that commit mass murders are planted in babyhood? Who can imagine the many ways babies and mothers and the societies they live in will suffer when the sanctity of the mother-infant relationship is violated? It's about mother's milk and much more from a scriptural and scientific point of view.  
* Upgrade kit options
 God's Business
Jesus was 12 when He told His parents"Did you not know that I must be about My Father's business"? For the price of a few cups of coffee you too can be in God's business.  You are invited to follow a Master Who put His life on the line on a Sunday morning to show mercy to a man with a withered hand.
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For the spiritual origins of this website visit mother's milk page.
Recent comments 

From a doctor on Body Systems Balancing 

Jan 7. 2017 - I am a wellness consultant and a chiropractor(been in practice for 16 years) and live blood microscopist as well---would love to speak with you about some of the info about pH balance and testing - you seem to have a perfect handle on it. Anyway, if this is something you would be open to, I would GREATLY appreciate it. Thanks again for your awesome info! Dr. D.G. New York, NY

Christmas 2016 "I love what you're doing for the human race and I pray that you will be heard by many, many, more in the coming year.  Thank you for keeping me informed of your progress and many blessings to you." Deedee E. Wisconsin 
Dec. 10, 2016 - "I think what you are doing is God's work. His word is the truth. Keep up what you are doing. It is good". Bonnie Vanne Two Rivers, Wisconsin 
Sept. 22, 2016 - "Society needs to step back and look inside individual selves and not be caught up in the wave of keeping up with the herd - headed over a cliff".  Gary Miller  Racine Wisconsin

The above is from Tom Christie, choir director at Faith Lutheran church
Cedarburg Wisconsin after reading Wholeness of Christ

Comments below from Mike Oct. 27, 2016, after reading “Wholeness of Christ”

 Dear Jim,

I think your thoughts on putting together the “Wholeness of Christ” and “Nutrition-For-Life” can be a great way to help us all improve our health and well-being.

As you have said “we are our own worst enemies”. We eat junk food and reject the whole foods that God has provided for us. We don’t drink enough water, we don’t get enough fresh air, and we don’t exercise nearly enough.

Getting the church involved in promoting natural foods along with spiritual growth is an important idea for “Wholeness of Body and Spirit”.

I support your mission to bring the “Wholeness of Christ” and “Nutrition-For-Life” together. However, I think it is necessary to consider some practical limitations of the world we live in today.  


Mike Hagerman
Send comments and questions to Jim at or phone 262-377-2764 or write: 
Perfect Health
P.O. Box 199 Cedarburg, WI 53012 
 Inch by inch, row by row,
Gonna make His garden grow;
Gonna weed out GMO, 
Seed that makes us sad. 
Church by church, pew by pew,
Incorruptible seed will do; 
Making all things clean and new,
Seed that makes us glad. 
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