Nutrition for life - pathway to wholeness 

I am the Good Shepherd" said the Lord.

A "Good Shepherd" cares about both the spiritual 
and physical welfare of a flock - especially little ones. 

If you want to help heal the "evil" of our time you must first get to the root of the problem and connect the dots, then help others do likwise. The first step is to download and study the four pages titled Sacred Relationships. Please study all four pages! 
How to help in this mission
1 - the simplest way is to refer others to this website and ask them to download and study the above document and other documents free to download with links on the home page of this website. The education is key, and it's free. 
2 - Consider passing on a link to this website and/or one or more key documents to your email list. You never know when a little effort might start a HOLY fire and a healing chain reaction.
3 - Start a conversation with a pastor, priest, or church group on any issue of healing or wholness that concerns you and is appropriate.  
4 - If so led by God, support this mission using the link on bottom of Body and Soul page. A donation of any amount (may be as little as $5.00) gives  immediate access to the digital version of a kit that can teach you how to master your health for a healthy long life. Jesus healed the sick and said "Follow Me". There is no higher calling than to learn, live, and teach this path. 
KEY THOUGHTS: Churches that honor Luke 9:2 and teach a gospel of kindness, healing, and respect, enjoy half the sickness of  churches that do not as documented by the Blue Zones study of National Geographic and long term studies at UCLA and Loma Linda University. Why do Adventists and Mormons live longer? Click below for some details.  
 As for scriptural support respectful of life as God created it there is far too much to list here, but worth noting are Genesis 1:31; Job 37-39; all of the Psalms; Isaiah; Danial chapters 1 and 10; Mathew6: 25-31; Luke 9:2; 1John2. Scientific support comes from epigenetics, cellular biology, nutrition, biochemistry, and epidemiology.  
To learn the spiritual origins of this mission visit mother's milk page. 
Recent comments 
From a doctor Jan 7. 2017 - I am a wellness consultant and a chiropractor(been in practice for 16 years) and live blood microscopist as well---would love to speak with you about some of the info about pH balance and testing - you seem to have a perfect handle on it. Thanks again for your awesome info! Dr. D.G. New York, NY
Christmas 2016 "I love what you're doing for the human race and I pray that you will be heard by many, many, more in the coming year.  Thank you for keeping me informed of your progress and many blessings to you." Deedee E. Wisconsin 
Dec. 10, 2016 - "I think what you are doing is God's work. His word is the truth. Keep up what you are doing. It is good". Bonnie Vanne Two Rivers, Wisconsin 
Sept. 22, 2016 - "Society needs to step back and look inside individual selves and not be caught up in the wave of keeping up with the herd - headed over a cliff".  Gary Miller  Racine Wisconsin

The above is from Tom Christie, choir director at Faith Lutheran church Cedarburg Wisconsin after reading Wholeness of Christ
Comments below are from Mike Oct. 27, 2016, after reading “Wholeness of Christ”

 Dear Jim,

I think your thoughts on putting together the “Wholeness of Christ” and “Nutrition-For-Life” can be a great way to help us all improve our health and well-being. As you have said “we are our own worst enemies”. We eat junk food and reject the whole foods that God has provided for us. We don’t drink enough water, we don’t get enough fresh air, and we don’t exercise nearly enough. Getting the church involved in promoting natural foods along with spiritual growth is an important idea for “Wholeness of Body and Spirit”. I support your mission to bring the “Wholeness of Christ” and “Nutrition-For-Life” together. However, I think it is necessary to consider some practical limitations of the world we live in today.  


Mike Hagerman
 Send comments and questions to Jim at or phone 262-377-2764 or write: 
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 Inch by inch, row by row,
Gonna make His garden grow;
Gonna weed out GMO, 
Seed that makes us sad. 
Church by church, pew by pew,
Incorruptible seed will do; 
Making all things clean and new,
Seed that makes us glad. 
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