Body and Soul Repair  

There is a path waiting in the wings that uses powers of earth and heaven beyond your wildest dreams. Maybe you didn't have a perfect start in life? Maybe you did but messed up? Do not despair. There is a path with healing powers from creation and heaven itself - oxygen/pH, water, food, sunshine, herbs, fasting, body systems balancing, let your body be your teacher - truth for body and soul to make you well, free, and whole.  
A Body and Soul Repair Kit puts it all together for less than $30.00 (plus S&H). Immediate access option at bottom of this page saves you even more money. Don't let the low cost fool you. You could spend thousands and still not get this quality of information.  


 Quick Start Guides - see below

* How to let your body be your teacher for mastery of health (16 pages 8 ½  x 11) explains in detail how  to test and balance key body systems  to get out of the guessing game. The  key systems are pH/acid-alkaline balance of saliva and urine; digestion; blood sugar; body temperature; and blood pressure. Balance these and you are well on your way to mastering your health.  
   Quick Start Guides - detailed description 
* Quick Start Guide to Balance Saliva pH - Acid Danger answers many questions: Why does everyone become more acid with age? Are there scientific studies in the National Library of Medicine to confirm this? What can you do to raise saliva pH? Why do some doctors consider the saliva pH test (costs pennies) the most important health test of all? Based on research by from Carl J. Reich, M.D. and many other doctors who worked with pH of urine and saliva. Dr. Reich spent 30 years studying SALIVA pH reactions of about "15,000 to 20,000 patients". Priceless!
 * Quick Start Guide to Balance Urine pH - Alkaline Danger - Why should urine pH always be acid? Why does alkaline urine pH (above 7.0) signal existing or coming health problems? In clinical practice Dr. D.C. Jarvis M.D. correlated alkaline urine in children and adults with colds, arthritis, asthma, hypertension, headaches, fatigue, chicken pox, measles, hay fever. It is important to test both urine and saliva.
* Quick Start Guide to Balance Digestion: Why do some doctors call digestion the “first line of defense against disease”? What are major keys to cure slow transit time (constipation)? Bacteria imbalance in gut? Other common problems? What is the gut-brain connection?

* Quick Start Guide to Balance Blood Sugar: What three things to healthy old people have in common? How did one man end his life sitting in a chair with no arms and no legs? How can you avoid such a fate? Powerful report that everyone past age 10 should read.

* Quick Start Guide to Balance Body Temperature: Why did three doctors write a book on body temperature and title it “Solved – The Riddle of Disease”? What simple home test signals how your metabolism is working?  What are some options based on too hot or too cold? Too fast or too slow? 
 * Quick Start Guide to Balance  Blood Pressure That Nobody Knows And Your Doctor Probably Won’t Explain to You. What “life-death ratio” of two minerals controls blood pressure? How do you balance them?  Hypertension sneaks  up on you with age putting pressure on heart/blood vessels leading to “strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, kidney disease” (webMD).  Dangers of the “water pill” - side effects of blood pressure meds. The simple fix with medical references – priceless!
* Quick Start Guide to heal and prevent Cancer  – why is cancer of the heart so rare? How does the pH/oxygen connection explain this and what does it mean for both  prevention and cure of cancer. What biomolecule is reported to have the most power to prevent cancer? What is the major thing a cancer cell needs? What is the major thing a cancer cell needs to avoid? How might these little known concepts set the stage for a diet with cancer healing power?  Priceless!



When all is said and done how do you know if your program is working? Are you eating the right foods? Are you taking the right supplements? Are you doing things right or wrong in terms of nutrition and lifestyle? Three simple “life energy” tests reveal if your program is working or not. Just one page but priceless!


 "The Wholeness of Christ is tremendous"
unsolicited comment from Mike D. of Cadillac Michigan
Wholeness of Christ (16 pages 8 ½ x 11) - Many believe that chemicals from a drugstore are the only options for healing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Topics include: history of human addiction to artificial chemicals; difference between natural and artificial chemicals; "key that fits lock" principle that works at cell membrane level with natural biomolecules; genetics vs. epigenetics; epidemiology - gives you the foundation upon which to build your house of health - priceless!
God's Plan for Making a Healthy Baby and for healing cancer and other diseases and much more (40 pages) - Who can imagine the many ways the sanctity of the mother-infant relationship works to heal so much? Give life a good start - blessings follow. Scripture and science agree on this. Learn why and how to heal almost everything and everybody in this fascinating booklet - 40 pages.

Additional important reports and materials 
* Alkaline broth recipe - to help balance pH
* Resources - contact details for key sources of supplements, doctors, health news, testing materials etc.
* Daily PH and Blood sugar charts (hard copy) key to learning by day to day feedback from your own body - how else to "let your body be your teacher"? 
* Quick One Page Reference Guide - all key  systems on one page for easy reference - What are ideal numbers? Why? Your numbers? Priceless tool to work with!
* Kit upgrade options - for advanced study with full credit     
   God's Business
Jesus was 12 when He told His parents"Did you not know that I must be about My Father's business"? As a grown-up He spent lots of time healing the sick. Life and healing are God's business. For the price of a few cups of coffee you too can be in God's business. 
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