Personal Healing Secrets
 that can help you beat old age and cancer!

In 1978 I, James LeBeau, was a  lost sheep.  Read about it on the "mother's milk" page of this website. The Lord found and healed me. Now I work to pass on His healing power to others.

This page  introduces healing secrets that you might not know even if you have an M.D. or Ph.D. degree. They are "priceless" because if suffering from adrenal exhaustion as I was; or deathly sick from the side effects of a drug pressure drug like dysphagia  as my mother was; or suffering from old age acidity not knowing it; or your arms and legs are being cut off in the end stages of a sugar problem - your money won't help you. What might save you from these and other personal disasters is the kind of information that is indeed priceless.

The first challenge is to get out of the jungle of confusion in the natural healing world. Some experts have said that you could mix up all the bottles in a health food store and it wouldn’t make any difference. The Miracle Healing Packet will help you find a path through the jungle. Here are a few examples of things so basic they are often missed even by the “experts”:  

  • Blood pressure – the “life-death ratio” of two minerals that control it;

  • Cancer – the pH/oxygen-sugar connection that explains why cancer of the heart is so rare (per Mayo clinic);

  • Acidity and aging – what few are testing or know how to fix.  

A house built on sand won’t survive a storm. This is true on both spiritual and physical levels (Matt 7: 24-27). Build your house of health on a rock by learning miracle healing secrets revealed in reports in the Miracle Healing Packet: Acid danger; Alkaline Danger; A Secret for Blood Pressure that Nobody Knows and Your Doctor Probably Won't explain to You;  Wonders and Dangers of Wheat; Five Little Known Cancer Secrets; Three “life energy” tests that tell if things are workingpriceless.

Detailed descriptions of the reports are below. Further down are details on the Get Well MOM card and the Miracle Healing Packet. Healing is also about mother earth because if our MOM isn't healthy nobody and nothing else can be healthy.  We're all in this together.  
More Detail on the Reports 
* Arthritis, Bones, Joints, Aches & Pains - crippled at 67  but running strong pain free at 79 – how did he do it? Report details 12 strategies to eliminate pain from your body – priceless!  

* Acid Danger answers many questions: Why does everyone become more acid with age? Are there confirming studies in the National Library of Medicine? What can you do about it?  Why do some doctors consider the saliva pH test (costs pennies) the most important health test of all? This information comes from the clinical work of Carl J. Reich, M.D. and others who have worked with pH of urine and saliva since the 1930s. Dr. Reich spent 30 years studying SALIVA pH reactions of about "15,000 to 20,000 patients". This report  includes specific instruction  on how to test yourself at home as well as a low cost source of  pH testing paper. 

* Alkaline Danger with answers  to questions more about urine pH, not saliva: Why should urine pH always be on the acid side?  Why does  alkaline urine pH (above 7.0)  signal an existing or coming health problem? This report is based on Vermont Folk Medicine by D.C. Jarvis M.D. who spent years studying body urine pH reactions in patients. He correlated alkaline urine in children and adults with colds, asthma, arthritis, childhood diseases, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, childhood diseases such as chicken pox, measles, and hay fever. Another priceless report.

* Secret to Lower Blood Pressure that Nobody Knows and Your Doctor Probably Won't explain to You. Like acidity it sneaks up on your as you age putting pressure on heart and blood vessels that leads to "stroke, heart attacks, heart failure, or kidney disease (WebMD). What mineral balance is the key? Why is it called the "life-death ratio"? What's wrong with the “water pill”? What is a potentially fatal side effect of blood pressure medications and doctors and nurses can miss month after month? What is the simple fix for hypertension? Medical references included.
Wonders and Dangers of Wheat

First mentioned in Bible in Genesis 30:14, wheat is everywhere. It’s in bread, crackers, baked goodies, pies, rolls, doughnuts, canned food, soups, noodles, spaghetti, and the list goes on and on. These two pages on wheat could make an amazing difference in the health of a person or a country if enough people would read it. Two pages – priceless!

CONTENTS: What are a few of the unique nutritional powers of the three parts of a whole grain of wheat? What are the dangers of a diet that focuses primarily on just one part of the whole grain? What is “alloxan”?  What is the connection to diabetes? What are “phytates” and why are they important? What can you do about them? What is a recipe for whole grain cereal to live and last with?  How to sprout wheat? How does sprouting change a grain?  How to make wheat sugar? Wheat grass?

Five Little Known Cancer Secrets

Why is cancer of the heart rare? What biomolecule has the most power to prevent cancer? What is the major thing a cancer cell needs? The major thing a cancer cell needs to avoid? How might these little known concepts that your doctor probably won’t explain to you set the stage for preventing and healing cancer? 

Also included: "How to Let Your Body Be Your Teacher For Mastery of Health" and "Wholeness of Christ".

"How to let Your Body" booklet - 16 pages (8 ½  x 11) explains a self-testing way to "listen to your body". Learn about the  “cascade” or “avalanche” principle - detailed explanation of five key body systems to master: pH; digestion; blood sugar; body temperature; blood pressure - also comments worldwide from those who have used this system since 1990.

Wholeness of Christ

Truth that works to heal on both personal and universal (catholic) levels

Report -16 pages 8 ½ x 11 - goes deep into connecting the created world to “the Word”. Powerful concepts covered are importance of a good start in life - the sanctity of  the mother-infant relationship; little understood difference between natural vs. artificial chemistry (patent medicines); little understood “key that fits lock” principle on cell membrane level; genetics vs. epigenetics; a little history and epidemiology – puts in the foundation upon which all healing and wholeness depend.



Instructions for three “life energy” tests that MEASURE THE GENERAL LEVEL OF YOUR PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL HEALTH AND TELL YOU IF YOUR PROGRAM IS WORKING OR NOT. This is a wonderful supplement to all other tests you do or have done for you. 




Get Well MOM!
(free download of documents on Good Shepherd page)

The  Get Well MOM card is for mother earth, babies, bees, bears, oceans, us, and all life threatened by genetic tinker toying by mad scientists (GMO), "genetic drift", and extra doses of toxic manmade chemicals used in GMO farming. We need a healthy MOM. Read these words of Jeffery Smith, author of SEEDS OF DECEPTION:

"They literally want to genetically engineer 100% of all commercial seeds, plus the insects, fish, livestock, trees, algae and the bacteria. They want to replace nature with designer organisms using designer genes for greater profit and control. That is what we are facing in this generation".
 Miracle Healing Packet
Why the word "Miracle"?

With the information in the packet you have the opportunity to make your own "miracle". Also, family pasture based organic agriculture can fix so many sick things in one fell swoop it will work like a "miracle" if we do our parts. The MOM card tells the story.  

Priceless contents of the Miracle Healing Packet 
  • “How to Let Your Body be Your teacher for Mastery of Health” 16 pages (8 ½ x 11);  

  • Wholeness of Christ 16 pages (8 ½ x 11) – opens doors of healing, kindness  

  • 5 Get Well MOM cards to mail out to save mother earth and residents;

  • 8 Miracle ReportsA Secret to Lower Blood Pressure that Nobody Knows and Your Doctor Probably Won’t Explain to You; Acid danger; Alkaline danger; Wonders and Dangers of Wheat; Five Little Known Cancer Secrets; But Does it Work? Arthritis, Bones, Joints, Aches & Pains

The Miracle Healing Packet is $20.00. All contents come in hard copy by US mail so you can read at your leisure without hurting your eyes on a computer screen. To order use the secure Paypal Buy Now button below. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.