The Cancer Report
"The CANCER REPORT is the best single source book that I own"
Paul B. Pleasant Hope Missouri - on file

"The best work you have ever done"
Robert J. Peshek D.D.S.

"Bless you for your labor of love. It's surely a masterpiece, one that will be tremendously helpful to me and many others".
Eileen C. Placerville, CA - on file       


In The Cancer Report  
Find answers to the following
and more 

Q - Why, according to the famous Mayo Clinic, is cancer of the heart "extremely rare"? For an explanation see page 7 of Part I - WHAT YOU MUST KNOW

Q - Which bio-molecule on earth is reported to have the most power to prevent cells from mutating and thus prevent and maybe heal cancer? See page 13

Q - How do scientists cause cells to become cancerous in lab experiments and what does it mean? See page 7

Q - If scientists can turn cancer on and off in lab experiments is there evidence that this can also work in a human body? See page 9 

Q - What might affect the degree of malignancy of cancer and how fast it spreads? See page 8

Q - How did Otto Warburg reportedly produce cancer in 47 species of animals and what does that mean with respect to diet and your body? See page 8

Q - What seven steps can you take to help prevent your body's cells from becoming cancerous? See PART II

Q - What eight SELF-TESTS can you do at home to get a picture of your overall health status and stresses that set up a predisposition to cancer form the physical point of view? See pages 19 and 20

Q - What are three well known anti-cancer diets? What do they have in common? See page 23

Q - What are dozens of food and diet connections to the prevention and nutritional approach to cancer? How do many relate to the basic cause of cancer per Otto Warburg? Read all of PART III


Q - What are 12 significant additional miscellaneous alternative cancer therapies with source connections? See PART III

 The Cancer Report is included in the
Master Wellness System Kit